Contradictions in the System: Universalism vs Nationalism

Southern Nationalist Network
January 7, 2014


Anti-White GA State Representative Tyrone Brooks
Anti-White GA State Representative Tyrone Brooks

French New Right philosopher and writer Guillaume Faye notes in his book Archeofuturism: European Visions of the Post Catastrophic Age that the liberal system which currently grips the Western world is full of contradictions. Faye describes these contradictions as ‘a bomb waiting to go off.’ Specifically, he has in mind the way that national identity in the ethnic/cultural sense is attacked for Western people in both Europe and North America while promoted for immigrants and non-Western people. He notes that North Africans and Blacks in France, many of whom have been made citizens of the French Republic, refer to the native French people as ‘Gauls’ or with other terms that distinguish them from the immigrants. Immigrant groups in France staged a violent uprising in 2005 against the authorities. Two hundred members of the French parliament called for legal action against rap musicians for inciting and promoting the ethnic and racially-motivated violence. Faye notes that the non-Western immigrant groups in his country do not think in terms of the civic-nationalism promoted by the liberal establishment; they reason in terms of ethnicity.


The same is true in the ‘New South’. The US media heavily promotes Black identity, for example, and continues to keep the memory of slavery fresh and use it to inspire Leftist political and social change. Black politicians such as Georgia Representative Tyrone Brooks (who was recently indicted by a Federal jury on corruption charges for misappropriating $1 million intended for charities) have called for the removal of monuments that honour Southern leaders (‘old racist artifacts,’ as Brooks describes them) and for them to be ‘replaced by African American, Native American, and Asian American monuments which represent the Georgia of today.’ Brooks’ politics are very much about ethnic-nationalism and his hatred of the shrinking White Southern population of the Peach State. A ‘Miss Black Georgia’ was crowned in 2013 and competed for ‘Miss Black USA.’ The Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials promotes the same ethnic-nationalist agenda in Georgia. It reenacts lynchings and holds celebrations honouring Black historical leaders. Likewise, the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce openly promotes the business and political interests of Hispanic immigrants in the State. The Asian American Student Association at the University of Georgia promotes the ‘cultural and political awareness of Asian and Asian American customs and diversity within the University and the local community.’ The Muslim Students Association at Georgia Institute of Technology (‘Georgia Tech’) advocates for the ’appreciation of Islam as a beautiful way of life.’ Without even scratching the surface it is evident that ethnic, religious and racial identity is heavily promoted in the ‘New South’ (as it is elsewhere in the Western world) for non-Whites and non-Christians.

And for Whites? Quite the opposite message is pushed by the system. Even the most innocuous display of positive ethnic, cultural or racial identification among Western people is attacked by the current system.

Guillaume Faye argues that ‘It is the resulting clash [of the contradictions of the system] that will solve the problem, not the ideologues of the system.’ He says ‘It will then be necessary to make things clear and choose either to abandon the idea of nationhood completely in favour of a global individualistic and cosmopolitan outlook… or to clearly adopt the principle of ethnic preference.’ Faye explains:

This would be based not on an individual’s formal and legal belonging to a given nation-state, but rather on his belonging to an ethno-cultural community. At the moment we are sailing in the fog through compromises and cheats. But I’m sure that events not far away will make things much clearer.

Indeed, the idea of the ethnic-cultural community, genuine organic nationalism, is precisely what this website and the modern Southern nationalist movement advocate for the Southern people. It represents a break with the destructive status quo of the present system and the promise of a better future.