Cops with Helmets and Batons Storm NYU Gaza Solidarity Encampment

It’s hard to keep track of all these various protests and the endless attacks by the cops.

Basically, cops are periodically attacking any of them as soon as they get to a certain size.

Except that time earlier at UCLA, where rogue Jews did the attacking and the cops fell back and let the Jews brutalize the kids themselves.

New York Post:

The NYPD began clearing out an anti-Israel tent encampment at New York University and the New School at the request of college officials Friday morning, arresting more than a dozen protesters.

Police officers detained 13 protesters as they ordered demonstrators to disperse from the encampment on the lower Manhattan campus, law enforcement sources said.

Police officers also started dismantling the encampments at The New School and Parsons Friday morning, according to video from independent journalist Katie Smith.

At least 43 people were arrested at the New School campus, law enforcement sources said.

No one is clear on how this new antisemitism law is going to actually affect these protests.

Presumably, the “Justice Department” is going to start suing schools that don’t move quickly enough to remove the protesters from their campus. That will probably start happening next week, one would suppose.