Coronacaust: Brit Government Says Whites Must Die to Save Wogs

When it comes to healthcare, a good rule of thumb is “the blacker the better.”

Daily Stormer readers will be familiar with the idea of Brown Privilege. But it’s reaching surreal and unheard-of heights during Coronavirus Crazy Season.

The Brit government is now literally telling hospitals to move brown-skinned staff out of the “frontline” so they don’t die, and put white people there instead.

In official Britspeak, BAME (“Black Asian Minority Ethnic”) is the term used to refer to brown-skinned savages whose ancestral origins lie in uncivilized parts of the world (i.e., not Europe).

BAME is sometimes pronounced with the letters individually enunciated, and sometimes as if it was a whole word on its own (rhymes with “game”). In unofficial Britspeak, however, these people are known as “wogs.”

The Guardian:

NHS staff from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds will be given different roles away from the frontline under plans to reduce their disproportionately high death rate from Covid-19.

BAME personnel should be “risk-assessed” and reassigned to duties that leave them at lesser risk of contracting coronavirus, under guidance set out by NHS bosses in England.

The move was unveiled in a letter sent on Wednesday to hospital trusts, providers of mental health care, ambulance services and organisations providing community-based healthcare.

Who will have to perform the dangerous duties the browns are being reassigned from? Whites, of course. The Brit government is telling whites to die to save wogs.

All of this is based on a fake media narrative that brown-skinned people are more vulnerable to Covid-19. According to the British mortality stats, 16% of deaths from Covid-19 in the UK were brown people. The 2011 census said the UK population was 14% brown. Since then, that stat has been increasing as fast as a nigger running away from an old white lady he just mugged. The next census is in 2021. It will probably show an invader demographic of 18-20%. 16% would be surprisingly low. So brownskins are actually underrepresented in the mortality stats overall. But the media is pushing the narrative that browns are dying in greater numbers. This is based entirely on the mortality stats for healthcare workers.

But this is a tiny sample of 119 people, 64 of whom were brown people.

What could explain wog overrepresentation here?

First, wogs are incompetent. If we consider medical staff “struck off” for incompetence in Britain, we see wogs colossally overrepresented too.

Pulse Today:

BME doctors make up 18% of UK-trained consultants and 31% of UK-trained GPs. But of the nine doctors who have been convicted for gross negligence manslaughter since 2004, seven have been BME. No white doctor has been convicted for more than a decade.

UK-trained BME GPs are nearly twice as likely to face a GMC sanction or warning, compared with their white counterparts – and then there are the well-publicised differential pass rates for the GP entrance exam. These are wider than ever recorded and, as with GMC sanction rates, perplexingly still exist between white and BME trainees qualifying in the UK.

A lot of these people just don’t know what they’re doing. They walk around the hospital, pressing buttons on the machines at random, trying to look useful. Their fundamental lack of competence means they probably aren’t taking even basic precautions against coronavirus.

And for many, hygiene won’t be their strong suit, even in normal times.

Plus, most of these dead wogs were immigrants (53 of the 64). They didn’t even have the mildly civilizing influence of growing up in Britain. These people are coming straight from the jungle, their third-world nature raw and unalloyed, their medical knowledge barely above that of a tribal witch doctor.

Here are a few illustrations of just how unscientific the brown worldview can be.

A nigger church in London is even selling miracle cures for coronavirus and “magic” red cloths that “protect” against it.


A church in London has continued selling a fake Covid-19 cure, despite being under investigation by the charity watchdog.

The Charity Commission launched a probe into the Kingdom Church, in south London, earlier this month for selling coronavirus “protection kits”.

But instead of stopping the sale, the church renamed the kits and is now selling “divine cleansing oil”.

The church said it was “convinced” the oil cured Covid-19.

Bishop Climate Wiseman, of the Kingdom Church which is based in Camberwell, claimed his kits – a bottle of oil and some red yarn, priced at £91 – would protect his followers from the virus.

Meanwhile, the President of Madagascar is telling people to sip magic herbal tea he says can cure coronavirus.

Point is: these people are only a couple of jumps away from human sacrifice. You can’t put third world people in a first world medical system and not expect them to (a) suffer, and (b) cause others to suffer.

Apart from general incompetence, fat is also a factor in the brown death toll.

A July 2019 government study, Overweight adults, found that, “72.8% of Black adults were overweight or obese, the highest percentage out of all ethnic groups”…

Fat Pakis and fat niggers are dying from incompetence and obesity, along with, presumably, other pre-existing health conditions. And it’s all being blamed on White racism. The media is gunning this “Coronacaust” narrative hard. Incompetent brown healthcare professionals, it seems, are the new Jews. And white people must die to save them.