Covid has Normalized Even More Mass Spying, Just as Everyone Knew It Would

How can there even be “more extreme spying”?


Former CIA and National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden has claimed vindication after a media report exposed how surveillance tools deployed to fight Covid-19 are now being abused by law enforcement and other authorities – as he predicted over two years ago.

“I talked about this back in early 2020 and was dismissed as paranoid, as is our tradition when someone points to the predictable outcome of a dangerous but popular new trend,” Snowden said in a Twitter post on Friday. The former US intelligence contractor cited this week’s Associated Press article on how Covid-19 had “accelerated and normalized” use of state surveillance and tracking tools against ordinary citizens and activists.

Snowden linked to an April 2020 interview with Vice founder Shane Smith in which he predicted that emergency measures used to deal with the Covid-19 crisis would become permanent and be used to infringe civil liberties. At the time, pandemic fears were at their height, and many governments across the globe were being lauded for using cutting-edge surveillance applications to track infections and quarantine people who had possibly been exposed to the virus.

“When any of us looks at where this is heading, we need to think about where we’ve been,” Snowden told Smith. “And sadly, these kinds of emergency powers that are born out of crises have a perfect history of abuse. I mean, down the board, whenever you look at these things, the funniest part about it, in a dark way, is that the emergency never ends and becomes normalized.”

The AP article cited mobile-phone tracking and other technology being used to accuse people of crimes, block citizens from traveling, harass “marginalized communities” and link personal health data to surveillance and law enforcement systems.

“Marginalized communities,” lol.

It gets me every time.


They were already doing stuff like this.

Really, the coronavirus hoax normalized the idea of a control grid where you have to show internal passports to travel. That’s part of the WEF/Jew agenda – they want you to live in “15-minute cities” and need special permission to travel.

I’ve said that these will be like Hudson Yards in New York City. It’s a full complex with apartments, offices, and retail – complete with an ugly ass soul-crushing modern art monstrosity – linked to an underground train system.

They will line cities with these, and you will live and work (or not work) there, and be required to get special permission to move between them.

The elite will be able to move across the world in an underground train system that links all of these cities across the world.

Or rather: all of this is literally “the plan,” but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out for them.