Danny Masterson Court Sketch is the Best Meme Face Since Smugler


I read the latest Danny Masterson news every day. There is a bit of a backlash, with people coming out and saying that sentencing a guy to live in prison for alleged date rapes that were not reported until 14 years after they allegedly occurred is a bit extreme.

A lot of people feel like even if this guy did have sex with drunk bitches after they passed out at his house, and they reported it the next day, and proved that it happened, that isn’t a crime at all. People think that sluts shouldn’t get drunk and pass out at the houses of guys they are not planning to have sex with.

The fact that the thing was not reported for 14 years, and then they sentenced the dude to life in prison, creates a situation where it is difficult to believe it is even real. I think a lot of people are hearing this news and it just doesn’t process in their brains because it is so unbelievable.

Anyway, been reading a lot – and I somehow missed this court drawing:

Look at his face, as the woman fake-cries, there’s a woman judge, four woman jurors (including one wearing a virus hoax muzzle):

Oh Lord, Sweet Jesus, do I know that feeling.

Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me – I know that feeling.

Frankly, this Masterson court face is the best face I’ve seen since the “Smugler” child Hitler drawing.

It really tells the whole story.

Just look at it:

Is that not all of us, in this vagina society?

It’s nice to know we can all share in the joy of understanding exactly what that face feels. I was having a rough day, and discovering this face really turned things around.

That bitch is now responding to people claiming this is too extreme.

NBC News:

One of the two women “That ’70s Show” star Danny Masterson was convicted of raping told NBC News on Monday that the 30 years-to-life sentence the judge imposed on the actor “seemed like justice to me.”

In her first public words since Masterson was sentenced last week, the woman who was identified at the actor’s trials as Jane Doe #1 said the penalty that Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Charlaine Olmedo announced “was what the law required.”

“I didn’t think it was outrageous,” she said in telephone interviews. “It was nothing extra and nothing less.”

Jane Doe #1 also praised Olmedo for reminding Masterson that “you are not the victim here.”

But he is literally the victim. He is the one going to prison for the rest of his life based on rumors about something that supposedly happened 20 years ago (which wouldn’t even be a real crime if it was true).

“The judge’s words when she addressed him were amazing,” she said. “That was optional and she chose to. … I felt heard. I really felt heard by her words to him.”


I’m sure having your own narcissism vindicated on the world stage made you feel really happy.

Conversely, every normal heterosexual male on earth felt that this was a direct personal attack on them. So unless women’s feelings are more important than men’s feelings, we should really be considering how this lunatic sentence makes men feel – especially given that the judge was a woman, pushing a vaginal agenda.

Men are clearly totally powerless in this society, and totally oppressed.

Of course, we can’t say that, because we are systematically being silenced.