DC Football Club Fires Trainer for Doing “A-OK” Symbol (Neo-Nazism)

Remember, this was just a joke.

From like 8 years ago.

People thought it would be funny to start calling the “A-OK” hand gesture a hate symbol.

It’s not clear if diving instructors have stopped using it.


An athletic trainer for DC United, the MLS football club in Washington DC, has been fired for making a gesture that is considered by some to be a hate symbol.

The decision comes after the discovery of the “discriminatory hand gesture” in a post published on social media on Thursday, the team said in a statement.

The team did not identify the trainer.

It was apparently this dude, named Reade Whitney

The now-deleted post showed the staff posing on the National Mall. One man is seen making the “OK” symbol, which has sometimes been used as a racist sign.

The trainer’s termination is “effective immediately” and following an internal review, the team said in a short statement on Friday.

“There is no place for racism, homophobia, misogyny, or discrimination of any kind in our sport and world and DC United do not tolerate any acts of this nature.”

It is not clear how the thumb-and-forefinger ‘OK’ hand gesture became associated with “white power”.

It apparently began as an online hoax, or trolling tactic, before it was adopted by some far-right sympathisers.

In 2018 a member of the US Coast Guard was fired for making the hand gesture on live TV.

In 2019, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) added it to a list of hate symbols, though the organisation noted its use can still be used to simply show approval of something.

Therefore “particular care must be taken not to jump to conclusions about the intent behind someone who has used the gesture”, the ADL said.

Yeah, I mean. You only have so many fingers. There are only so many shapes you can make with these fingers.

The “A-OK” symbol is very ancient. Probably, it existed before recorded history to symbolize that something is “A-OK.”

Maybe there is some symbolism beyond the obvious here – maybe the Jews do not want to allow people to think that things are A-OK.