Death Stranding is About Carrying a Large Backpack Around in a Field – Cutscenes are Sweet Tho

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2019

Hideo Kojima is finally done forever with Metal Gear, and now he’s made a new game called Death Stranding, which is the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s about carrying boxes around in a field.

There’s also a glowing baby in a tube thing or something.

The newly released cutscene is pretty cool. It has that guy who plays Daryl in The Walking Dead talking to a female president who is really a kidnapped android projection or something… you know, whatever.

I recommend it.

For those of you not hip to the loop, here’s the last cinematic trailer from 3 months ago, which is at least as good.

And here, at last, is the gameplay footage – 48 solid minutes of it in pure Japanese.


Purely amazing.

The release date is November 8th. I’m pretty sure the English and Japanese versions are released on the same day.

But… I’m not buying a PS4 for this.

If you people want to buy me one I’ll stream it. But who am I kidding… you people won’t even donate to keep the site online.

You freeloaders are more disgusting than this weird baby in this tube.