Did Rebel Media Kick Katie Hopkins for Raising the JQ?

Daily Stormer
June 21, 2019

Outside of a Republican party primary, it’s rare to see a goy shill for Israel the way that Katie Hopkins does – with a kind of desperate fervor, a shameless abandonment of all restraint or self-respect.

Aside from its first 10 minutes, her recently released documentary Homelands is a long and embarrassing paean to Israel and its Chosen inhabitants.

Her general theme is the loss of home, with specific reference to the Islamization of Europe.

But, in her estimation, the worst thing about that seems to be that it causes Jews to desert the sinking ship.

The rest of us might regard that as the silver lining.

As you would expect, there is nothing about the role Jews have played in weaponizing “diversity” or securing the criminalization of speech that has made it impossible for Europeans to defend their way of life, even in words.

The film is a mostly sickening display of self-abasement.

One segment in it is interesting, however.

It’s when (around the 25-minute mark) she talks to a Jew about the Jews leaving France for Israel. She asks why not do this?

The Jew’s reply is very revealing. He doesn’t say Jews should stay because they love France and would never leave it. He says they should stay to help Israel.

We don’t recommend that. We think – and this is the discourse we have with the Israeli government. Israel needs a diaspora to survive. Israel must keep a diaspora in the US, in Europe. Unfortunately the return of most Jews on Israeli ground will be a real challenge for the future of Israel if we don’t have a diaspora any more, this is why I’m fighting to have a Jewish diaspora, so they can stay in Europe, live in Europe.

So Jews have no real commitment to the countries they live in. They stay only so they can parasitize the power and resources of those countries to help the one country they do care about, Israel.

Good to know.

With all of her mad shill work, I assumed Katie was angling for a bonus from her boss, Rebel Media owner Ezra Levant.

But no. It seems she and Ezra have parted ways.

This escaped my notice at the time. No public pronouncements were made.

But that finely-tailored rebel Ezra last uploaded a Katie Hopkins video in October 2018.


What happened last October?

Well, there was a shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh after which Katie Hopkins posted this tweet.

Global Jewry mobilized en masse against her.

Katie promptly deleted her tweet and desperately tried to row back.

Israel National News:

“I have deleted a tweet which has been misinterpreted to suggest the UK Chief Rabbi’s support for mass migration was related to the horrific mass murder at the synagogue in Pittsburgh. Clearly the blame rests with the murderer alone.”

Hopkins went on to highlight her support for Israel, brushing off accusations of anti-Semitism.

“I have always been a staunch defender of the Jewish people, including through the mission to Israel that I led this summer,” Hopkins said in reference to a visit to Israel earlier this year with The Rebel Media. “I would never wish to detract from that and continue to offer my loyal support to my Jewish friends.”

But it was too late. The Elders of Zion had made their judgment. Hopkins had to go. It seems this, then, was the trigger for her departure from Rebel Media.

Rebelling against the cardinal Semitic dogma – that anti-Semitism has nothing to do with Jewish behavior – was a little too much for that outlaw spirit, Ezra.

Hopkins applied for an insolvency agreement around the same time.

The most charitable interpretation of her lickspittle approach is that she recognizes the overwhelming power Jews have over public discourse and thinks the only way Europe can survive is to persuade the Jews to allow it to survive.

The least charitable is that she is a bankrupt ho looking for a new pimp.

It’s to her credit, I suppose, that she is still tentatively raising the JQ, even though it seems to have cost her the gig with Ezra.

Here are two tweets she sent earlier this week.

Jews have to be called out by their own, of course, because goyim aren’t allowed to do it; or, if you dare to try, you must argue that they’re not true Jews. Note the ‘Jewish’ in quotation marks. Because true Jews would never work to destroy the countries they live in.

Even these caveats may not be enough to protect her.

The Counterjewhad movement has a history of recruiting goyim to the anti-Islam cause then spitting them out once they come to see the Islam problem as just one aspect of the problem of ethnic disintegration more generally; and take note of Jewish complicity in that.

Hopkins must hope that if she can keep the shill factor at 11, they’ll let her slip in a tiny note of critique now and then.

Time will tell if she’s right.