“Died Suddenly” is an Amazing Documentary on the Coronavirus Vax – What are These Fibers???

Stew Peters has produced the best conceivable documentary on the coronavirus “vaccine” and its effects. Frankly, the film should end the discussion about this deadly gene therapy. There is nothing more to say after this.

The most shocking part is the clots, which people still do not understand. They are not blood clots. It is some kind of fiber in the veins.

What are the media Jews even going to say about this? They can’t say it’s not real, and they can’t say it was happening before the vax.

The film shows both doctors and coroners pulling them out of people’s bodies.

These people are keeping collections of them.

No one has ever seen this; now it’s in almost everyone’s body. A coroner recounts being at a convention where all the coroners talked about it.

What say you, Jews? How do you respond?

(I know what they’re going to do – if they do respond to the documentary at all, they’re just going to attack some random person interviewed and find some crazy thing they said at some point in their life, or maybe one of them committed some crime or something. They will find some irrelevant detail, and not address these fibrous clots that are clearly not made out of blood.)

No one even knows what these fibers are. Somehow, that gene injection causes people’s bodies to create these threads in the veins. It’s a wonder any of these vaxies are still alive – and it looks like they won’t be for long. This vax is causing every kind of disease, including various cancers. People think it is just heart disease, but it’s everything. Millions of people have died, and everyone else is going to go.

Everyone needs to watch this. Then everyone needs to thank me for going so hard on it. I was aware at the time that it was counterintuitive for me to be telling people to lose their jobs, in some cases lose their families and worse, in order to not take this shot. But I was right and I was very, very right, and basically, you people all owe your lives to me.

I framed it as a spiritual issue, because I knew that this would be the most powerful way to overcome the fact that it was so counterintuitive. Of course, it was a spiritual issue, but it was also a practical issue, because I knew it was going to kill everyone. But there wasn’t exactly proof that it was going to kill everyone before it started killing everyone, so although I knew it for a fact, saying it was speculation. Therefore, I focused on the spiritual part, as I realized that would maximize the number of readers who committed to not taking it.

(Frankly, you should be sending me monero. We’ve fallen on hard times, and given that you would be dead if it wasn’t for me, or be walking around with these fibers in your veins, you are really obligated to chip in. Go scroll through those images of those white fibers again and them send me the amount of money that you think it is worth to not have those in your body.)

The documentary is disgusting, but there is an upside: all of these people are going to die. All of the annoying and evil liberals, the women, the people on 4chan who called us schizos – they are all going to die, and the world will be a much, much better place for it.

We are going to have to figure out a solution to breeding, because many more women than men took this shot. But we’ll get to that. Right now, we just need to be happy that God sent down this delusion, and our enemies willingly killed themselves.

Sure, it’s a shame that some people took it because they were pressured. That’s a shame. But those people are weak – much too weak for the New America emerging that will only be populated by white supremacists, QAnon kooks, and black people. This is going to be a glorious new era of humanity.

Everything ended up working out great for us in the end. Now, we just have to wait for these people to all die.