“Died Suddenly”: Pro Wrestling Female Dead at 30

Another random athletic person dead “for no reason.”


Sara Lee’s tragic final Instagram post was published just a day before her shock death — and revealed details of a recent health battle.

(Note how they make that sound like the “health battle” was related to the death.)

The WWE star passed away suddenly at the age of 30, her family confirmed in an Instagram post.

The sad news regarding the ex-Tough Enough winner emerged on Friday night. The cause of death has not yet been revealed.

“But the star posted just a day earlier — and was delighted to be feeling active again.

Lee shared a mirror selfie in the bathroom of her gym, The Sun reports.

Her caption of the Instagram post included a clapping emoji and a party hat emoji.

“Celebrating finally being healthy enough to go to the gym 2 days in a row,” she wrote.

“First ever sinus infection kicked my butt #Saraselfie #gains”.

She didn’t die from a sinus infection! She died when she got back to the gym.

It’s athletes that are dying because they’re the ones that work their hearts.

I’d wonder if she got the booster. It really doesn’t seem to matter, because you can’t heal from this vax. It’s not like if you make it for 2 years you’re in the clear. You are at risk for “died suddenly” for the rest of your life. The best thing any vaxed person can do is just try not to get their heart rate up too high – though that in itself creates health problems.

It’s just unfathomable that the government/media is telling us that it’s normal for healthy young people to just suddenly die for no reason.

Even if the media wasn’t owned by Pfizer and total government shills, they probably still wouldn’t be publishing the vax status of these dead athletes. The entire media is vaxed. There is always going to be cognitive dissonance here. No one wants to admit they lost their mind and were pressured into taking an experimental gene therapy treatment because they were afraid of the flu.