Soyosexual Adam Conover is the Latest Celebrity to Promote Eating Maggots to Save Mother Gaia

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2019

Wow that so ironic bro

This “eat the maggot, maggot” trend is getting eerie and disturbing.

I’m still waiting for some public pushback though. I mean, I remember Normicons throwing a fit a decade ago over a proposed soda tax, but now that the Bugmen have gotten their marching orders from the Jews to take away Amerikaners’ hamburgers, I hear only crickets… coming from the patty.

Adam Conover is some guy from a show or whatever, and he is here on YouTube in his silly, silly suit to tell you, the goyim, that it is time for you to start eating maggots.

The premise of the video is exactly what I expected the Jews to come up with when trying to convince the goyim to eat bugs.

They got this very alarming individual to push the point that basically, a lot of your food is handled by callous megacorporations who don’t give a shit about your health and safety, and so they cut a lot of corners when they make processed foods that leads to bug parts (and, presumably, rat feces) getting into your food.

Sounds bad, right?


It’s actually proof of why you should eat more bugs… and deliberately, as part of a diet. Since you’ve accidentally swallowed some insects in your life, why not just double-down on that and have some more?

No, seriously. That is their argument.

In the video, Conover goes on to reveal that certain ingredients like that crappy artificial red dye you see in desserts is made out of insects. Good to know. He should alert the authorities so that we can go ahead and ban that dye instead of clowning around and trying to convince dumb people that it’s good for us.

The funniest part though was undoubtedly when they tried to make the case that a lobster is a bug and that somehow this proves their point.

But it most certainly does not. 

The masses are not going to be fed lobsters. They’re going to be fed maggots. Nice try though, Conover, ya pooftah.

Anyways, using the same logic that they presented in the bug video, we can also conclude that eating rat shit is also good for you. Trace amounts are in canned food, so hey, why not eat more?

Brilliant logic at work here. I hope the Jews who wrote this script get a raise for it.

But hey, can we just step back and focus on Adam Conover for a bit? 

Can you even imagine leading the lifestyle that he has chosen for himself? Like, being paid to try and trick people into eating literal insects? Is there any lower form of shabbos shilling out there?

Adam, buddy, this ain’t it, chief. Rethink your life. 

Besides, the meat of it is that you’re really not going to convince Americans to eat bugs, ever. Just give it up, because it’s not happening. It is a fool’s errand. Really, all you’re doing is creating rage fuel for gamers who are planning their insurrection even as I write this now. Furthermore, it is clear to everyone that you get your essential nutrients from Soylent, not cricket poop as you would have us believe and that you, yourself could not even kill a spider, let alone eat one.

If the Jews want to convince us to eat bugs, they need to bring back that other fat bald guy with a cooking show that I used to enjoy.

Andrew Zimmern never saw a bug that he didn’t like and want to immediately chow down on. I remember how he’d go on the prowl along the rankest, foulest back alleys that he could find in SEA to find the most filthy insect-infested dumpsters, whereupon he would jump right in and slurp down every maggot he could find. He was the real deal. It’s a shame that the Jews accused him of being a racist for opening Chinese restaurants or something.

He would have been a much better bug ambassador than this new guy.