Dogs and Babies

Daily Stormer
July 21, 2013

Dogs are amazing creatures, which I personally believe are capable of establishing a deep spiritual connection with human beings (though it truly seems that Whites are the only folk capable of making this connection).

Here are some lovely videos of dogs with babies.

It is important to see nice things sometimes.  To remember what it is we’re fighting for.

Dog Singing to Stop Baby’s Crying

Dog Having a Conversation with a Baby

Dog Playing with Ginger Child

Paddy with His Best Friend

Try not to tear up when you read this, from the uploader’s description:

As of summer 2012 – Paddy passed away from an aggressive form of Lymphoma cancer. Up until the day he died, he never once, bit, snarled, or growled, and when he died, our daughter is the one he wanted to be close too. She was his entire life. We lost him at 23 months… and he was one of the best dogs i’ve ever owned… We now have one of the second most wonderful dog i’ve ever owned who’s far exceeding my expectations, and she’s an english mastiff.

French Bulldog Teaches Baby to Crawl

Doberman with an Interesting Tongue in Need of Study

Dog Makes Sure the Camera Man Doesn’t Get too Close to His Young Ward