Oregon: Heroic Dog Runs Four Miles to Alert Family of Owner After Accident

It’s all good news today.

Anglin wrote an epic short story, the kids are rising up against the Jews, the people are surrounding the White House, sluts are getting blown out in South Korea, and doggos are doing what they do best: the right thing.

If humans were as moral as dogs, we never would have had a Jewish problem in the first place. It is only the immorality of humans that let these Jews fester.

The Guardian:

A dog ran four miles to get help for his owner who crashed his car into a ravine in Oregon – and was ultimately rescued because of the animal’s heroics, according to authorities.

The case unfolded as Brandon Garrett was driving with his four dogs north on US Forest Service Road 39 in Baker county, near where his family was camping.

During the trip, Garrett failed to navigate a curve in the road and crashed over an embankment, according to a statement from the Baker county sheriff’s office.

Garrett survived the crash, but the accident left him stranded and forced him to wait – and hope – for help.

Thankfully for him, one of his dogs ran back to the campsite, and the animal’s appearance led the Garrett’s family to realize something had gone wrong. The dog ended up running nearly four miles through the wilderness before tracking down the other campers on 3 June at 9.30am.

The family quickly began searching for Garrett and eventually spotted his car. But they were unable to reach him because of the difficult terrain, prompting them to call emergency rescuers for help.

God bless him.

God bless all dogs.

Quite frankly, we do not deserve them.