Dutch Children’s Christmas Party Ruined by Militant Negroes Fighting with Police

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2014

Thousands of children and Black Pete fans turned up to greet Saint Nicholas and his jolly side-kick, only to be confronted by savages from another continent intent on ruining their celebration.

Dutch children who showed up to welcome Sinter Klaus and his side kick Black Pete in the city of Gouda had a nasty shock this week according to the Daily Mail, when instead of being greeted with people wishing each other a Happy Christmas, they were treated to a disgusting display of bigotry and hatred from non-Whites and other assorted low-lifes who thought fighting with the Police would be a good example to set for the kids.

The children were treated to sights like this, instead of friendly faces looking forward to Christmas.

Police arrested 60 of these thugs in all, who were intent on disrupting the children’s fun and ruining the day for everyone that likes their Christmas to be composed of traditional Dutch festivities.

The majority of the protesters were not Dutch, but were actually arrogant Blacks, who have invaded Holland and now think they have a right to change a tradition that goes back centuries, because they don’t understand the concept of dressing up and pretending to be someone else.

Nasty looking militant savages were intent on ruining the children’s fun.

The White-hating Liberals in Holland were behind the spectacle and they have been trying to get Black Pete banned entirely, but the Right leaning (but not anti-Jew) party of Gert Wilders have fought back by tabling a new law that will protect Black Pete for all future generations of Sinterklaus fans.

The children were left shocked by the behavior of the Black apes, who turned out be nothing like the amicable Black Pete.