ECOWAS be Saying They be Botta Pop-Off, Them Niggas in Niger Ain’t Playing

ECOWAS is a bunch of pussy-ass niggas.

Bitch-ass won’t make no move.

They talking.

They ain’t doing shit.


The West African bloc ECOWAS stands ready to intervene militarily in Niger should diplomatic efforts to reverse a coup there fail, a senior official told army chiefs who were meeting in Ghana on Thursday to discuss the details of a standby force.

Niger military officers deposed President Mohamed Bazoum on July 26 and have defied calls from the United Nations, ECOWAS and Western powers to reinstate him, prompting West African heads of state to order the standby force to be assembled.

Let no one be in doubt that if everything else fails, the valiant forces of West Africa…are ready to answer to the call of duty,” ECOWAS Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security Abdel-Fatau Musah said.

By all means available, constitutional order will be restored in the country,” he told assembled defence chiefs from member countries, listing past ECOWAS deployments in Gambia, Liberia and elsewhere as examples of readiness.

You’re saying that, but your bitch-ass ain’t doing shit.

Niger has strategic importance beyond West Africa because of its role as a hub for foreign troops involved in the fight against Islamist insurgents in the Sahel region and its uranium and oil reserves.

Western countries fear the junta could follow the lead of neighbouring Mali, where the military government threw out French troops and instead invited in mercenaries from Russia’s Wagner group, which has welcomed the coup in Niger.

In Niger’s capital Niamey, where large crowds have taken part in protests against ECOWAS and in favour of the coup leaders, residents rejected the idea of an outside intervention to reinstate the elected president and civilian government.

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“I’m not afraid because I know our armed forces are well prepared to deal with any eventuality,” said radio technician Omar Yaye.

ECOWAS is manipulated by foreign powers. When we see the reactions of France since the coup and especially the harshness of ECOWAS I can only think that these are coordinated actions between France and ECOWAS,” he said, echoing anti-French rhetoric used by the junta since the coup.

Musah rejected the accusation that ECOWAS was being manipulated by France or any other outside power.

“What they forget is that ECOWAS is a rules-based organisation. We have our protocols, we have our norms and we are ready to protect them,” he said.

These niggas be talking about “rules-based.”

Likely every current government in West Africa was formed by a coup.

Niger has already installed a president. The “crisis” is over, and the population is in support of this new government. It’s strong support. So this is a case of the United States (Jews) not approving of the new popular government and then deciding they are going to violently invade the country and slaughter however many people in order to reinstall a government that is favorable towards them, their globalist agenda, and their resource extraction schemes.

The US government is openly saying “the people of Africa do not have a right to have a government that we do not approve of.” Remember, these are the same people – the Democrats – who told black people in America to riot because the white cops are evil. Just, you know – make a little note of the contrast there.

And of course ECOWAS (which is really Nigeria, in the same way that NATO is really the US) doesn’t want to go along with this US plan. They have to act like they want to, or that they’re going to, and maybe they eventually will, but powerful people in Nigeria understand the implications of initiating an inter-state conflict in West Africa.

As several prominent Africans have already noted, you risk turning the entirety of Africa into a gigantic war zone. At the very least, all of West Africa will be a bloody, chaotic mess for decades.

Let’s be real: there’s a difference between the Ukraine v. Russia and Nigeria v. Niger. And in the Ukraine v. Russia, the Ukraine has been constantly arresting politicians and military figures, while Russia had a weird coup situation.

If you let this chaos loose in Africa, it’s like putting everyone in a jar and shaking it. There are all kinds of violent movements all through the region. You have ethnic separatists, various religious groups, warlords – entire parts of this region are ungoverned, run by some type of non-state power. The generals of these armies are not in any way loyal to “our values of the rules-based order,” nor do they know what that is.

On top of that that, you’ve also got not only the US and France involved, but also the Russians and the Chinese, all pushing their interests through weapons, training, and money.

If the US manages to pull the trigger on a Nigerian invasion of Niger, it’s going to be like nothing the world has ever seen before.

In terms of how this will affect you – well, the Libyan route is still open. You’re going to have tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions, headed for Europe.

Maybe this is why the US is pushing so hard for it?

It doesn’t make any sense in terms of the Russia/China v. America situation that they would go all-in on this particular conflict. It’s just so volatile, and it seems very obvious that if the delicate balance of peace were broken, that would be better for Russia/China than for the West, because Russia/China is not going to have to deal with the fallout of these refugees.

At the same time, the strategic logic of the West no longer makes any sense, generally, and you might just have Jews trying to destroy everything on purpose, without any real, serious strategic goals.

Anyway: it looks now like the US has made up their mind, and they are simply in the process of attempting to convince Nigeria to do the thing, and Nigeria is stalling for time as they try to figure out how to deal with this.

The logical thing at this point would be for Russia and/or China to go to Niger/Nigeria and try to negotiate. China negotiated a deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia and ended the war in Yemen. All things being equal, Nigerians have no real reason to side with the West. They are being paid handsomely, but if the West tells them to plunge their country into a decades-long period of war, then you have a situation where the top leaders can flee with helicopters full of cash, but that’s it.

Anyone with money and power in Nigeria who likes their current setup is in a position to lose everything. Of course, they are also in a position to gain things. I don’t think the democracy government of Nigeria would last very long at all in the case of war, however, and they’re the ones being asked to do this.

We shall see.

We shall indeed see.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.