Elon Threatens to Sue Israeli Jew Terrorist “ADL” Group

Elon Musk is now officially threatening the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an Israeli Jew harassment, lobbying, and terrorist group.

Twitter owner Musk is best known for claiming he supports freedom of speech and then banning Andrew Anglin for no reason. Secondarily, he is known for having memes that are not funny.

Though Elon has banned Anglin as well as Nick Fuentes and other important voices, he has not banned every single person that the ADL demanded he ban, so the ADL has claimed that he is an “anti-Semite.” They have threatened to publicly defame anyone who advertises on Twitter as an anti-Semitism supporter, which is clearly a type of extortion.

Elon announced Monday that he is now considering suing the group for defamation.

He further said that the ADL, through their campaign to intimidate advertisers, has destroyed half of the value of the company, and should be forced by a court to pay $22 billion.

The ADL is a very powerful group, commanding a lot of wealth, but they certainly do not have that kind of money, so the group would be forced to close.

If I was Elon, I would also be talking about suing Jonathan Greenblatt personally. He is not simply the face of this organization, but he is the one making all of the decisions. I am old enough to have faced off against the ADL under the leadership of Abe Foxman. As much as I despised Foxman, it is simply a basic matter of fact that he was nowhere near as unhinged and just out of control as Greenblatt.

Foxman was aware of the fact that being super-aggressive could result in negative opinions of the Jews. Greenblatt is totally oblivious to this. He acts like he is the boss of the entire world, and says outright that the reason he is the boss is because he is Jewish, and Jews are allowed to dictate the rules of business and the rules of society to everyone on earth.

It’s a fundamentally offensive and repulsive attitude – the idea that there is a certain group of people who have a divine right to boss around the rest of the world. The lack of any form of basic respect, and the psychotically aggressive nature of Greenblatt, makes it all the more disgusting.

If Elon plays his cards right, he can simply expose the ADL for what it is. No one will like what they see, other than Jews.

I don’t know that he can win a lawsuit. That’s tough, because the American court system – particularly the civil court system – is so utterly corrupt, and so severely slanted towards Jewish interests. However, if the organization is totally discredited, that has the same effect.

As a basic matter, this campaign against the ADL – which is blowing up all over social media – is very, very good. Attacking the ADL is very close to attacking “Jews, generally.” In fact, most Jews view any attack on the ADL as an attack on the Jewish race as a whole.

Elon has now posted a review of the film “Defamation,” which is something I’ve promoted for years, and is much more about the Jews than it is about the ADL. It shows the Jews being indoctrinated throughout their lives to believe everyone is trying to kill them for no reason.

The film is directed by an Israeli who doesn’t view the Jewish victim complex as helpful for his people. It’s actually pretty hardcore for Elon to be promoting this. I was a little bit shocked to see it.

Elon appears to have not really thought very much about the Jewish thing until he was accosted by the ADL. It’s difficult to imagine – especially given that he’s dealt so much with these Wall Street people, and been so consistently Jewed over – but it appears as though he is just putting serious thought into the issue right now.

Here’s the full documentary:

Here’s the thing: there is zero reason for this new Silicon Valley elite to care about the Jews and Israel, beyond the fact that a percentage of them are Jewish. However, even among the ones that are Jewish, you don’t have this hardline “global dominion over the goyim” ideology that Greenblatt represents.

For example, David Sachs, a member of the “PayPal mafia” and an investor in Rumble, is totally pro-Russia, pro-free speech, and so on. He has a friendly relationship with the goyim, which seems legitimate. Even if you look at someone like Mark Zuckerberg, you don’t see the Greenblatt style attitude that “the goyim must submit to the chosen ones.” Zuckerberg is certainly amoral in his business dealings, but beyond that, he’s married to a Chinagirl and he does not present this attitude of unadulterated hatred and supremacy.

What’s more: you have in Silicon Valley a lot of Indians and Asians who don’t have any relationship with the Jews at all, and zero reason to care about “the Holocaust” or whatever.

It’s a long time coming.

I think this war on the ADL is the first thread to be pulled in the process of unraveling the Jewish domination of Western civilization. I’m actually very thankful to Jonathan Greenblatt for being so belligerent and repulsive. Abe Foxman never would have gotten the Jews into this position.

I know you read every article I mention you in, Jonathan. So I do just want to offer a personal “thank you”:

Thank you, Jew.