European Commission Pouring Tens of Millions of Euros Into Far-Left NGOs to Lobby Itself


We should be investigating this program of governments lobbying against themselves.

This has become very popular, and they do it openly: governments fund lobbying groups that agree with them, so that these people will go out and protest the government to do things the government already wants to do.

It’s really bonkers.


The European Commission has admitted to handing millions in taxes to a variety of NGOs, leading to accusations Europe is paying for itself to be lobbied by “far-left… radical” groups.

European Commissioner for Budget and Administration Johannes Hahn has admitted that the EU funds a wide variety of NGOs residing on the far-left of the political spectrum to the tune of millions of taxpayers’ hard-earned euros. The revelation led one European lawmaker to tell Breitbart News the revealed payments are sustaining a left-wing echo chamber in Brussels, saying: “The EU is creating and financing its own advocacy and activist groups so they can artificially weigh in on EU decision-making”.

The admission came in response to a written question to the European Commission signed by several MEPs within the right-leaning Identity and Democracy and European Conservatives and Reformists groups.

In a statement on the matter published on Tuesday, Commissioner Hahn admitted that the EU hands millions in funding to a wide variety of left-wing groups, with the bloc giving over €4.5 million to ‘No Peace without Justice’ — a group originating from the so-called ‘Transnational Radical Party’ — and over half-a-million to “Droit au Droit”, who profess to campaign for “marginalised groups”.

The Commission claims to have had no meetings with ‘No Peace Without Justice ‘, despite the multi-million payout.

Hahn failed to reveal how much the EU hands to the likes of Amnesty International and George Soros-Linked Open Society Foundation, arguing that there are numerous NGOs registered with the union operating under those names.

The European Union’s own websites appear to reveal that organisations linked with both groups received over €10 million in funding each in a period ranging from 2014 to 2021.

Speaking to Breitbart Europe regarding the revelations, one of the politicians behind the written question, Flemish MEP Tom Vandendriessche, commented that the EC’s statement provides even more evidence that the EU is actually paying for itself to be lobbied.

“The European Commission is, directly and indirectly, subsidizing dozens of NGOs and lobbying organizations that are active in the fields of climate activism and human rights activism,” the Vlaams Belang member said, adding that both large and small organisations regularly receive funding from the international bloc.

“The EU is creating and financing its own advocacy and activist groups so they can artificially weigh in on EU decision-making,” he added, describing the organisations as often being “situated on the far left” and as including “radical activists”.

It’s good to see Breitbart talking about this. I don’t like those Jews over there at Breitbart, but I’m glad they’re saying this.

We at Daily Stormer have been pointing out for years that all of these groups supposedly protesting the government are actually funded by the government.

It is such a stupid, obvious thing to do: if you’re a government and you have a very unpopular agenda for your people, you pay protest and lobbying groups to go out and demand you do the thing you want to do, thus creating the illusion of support for the unpopular agenda you already had.

Despite the fact that this appears so obvious, most people are functionally retarded, and won’t be able to understand the concept if you try to explain it to them.