Experts Say World Not Prepared for AI Breakthroughs, Call for More Regulation

“AI regulation” is the most Jewish thing since condoms.

Just let the robots do what they’re going to do. We will deal with the consequences. The consequences of dealing with the consequences are preferable to the consequences of allowing AI to develop in secret while governments claim they are regulating it.

The Guardian:

The world is ill-prepared for breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, according to a group of senior experts including two “godfathers” of AI, who warn that governments have made insufficient progress in regulating the technology.

A shift by tech companies to autonomous systems could “massively amplify” AI’s impact and governments need safety regimes that trigger regulatory action if products reach certain levels of ability, said the group.

Who gives a shit?

The recommendations are made by 25 experts including Geoffrey Hinton and Yoshua Bengio, two of the three “godfathers of AI” who have won the ACM Turing award – the computer science equivalent of the Nobel prize – for their work.

The intervention comes as politicians, experts and tech executives prepare to meet at a two-day summit in Seoul on Tuesday.

The academic paper, called “managing extreme AI risks amid rapid progress”, recommends government safety frameworks that introduce tougher requirements if the technology advances rapidly.

It also calls for increased funding for newly established bodies such as the UK and US AI safety institutes; forcing tech firms to carry out more rigorous risk-checking; and restricting the use of autonomous AI systems in key societal roles.

“Society’s response, despite promising first steps, is incommensurate with the possibility of rapid, transformative progress that is expected by many experts,” according to the paper, published in the Science journal on Monday. “AI safety research is lagging. Present governance initiatives lack the mechanisms and institutions to prevent misuse and recklessness, and barely address autonomous systems.”

This is a Jewish agenda.

Yes, I know that Sam Altman is Jewish. But he is an AI maximalist, and thus my brother, even if he is a baby-killing kike.

People keep asking AI about the dangers of AI, and they are too retarded to know that this is all based on shit from the Terminator films.

Seriously. Retard. When you ask the AI about the threat of AI, it brings up the Terminator films. That’s where these answers are coming from.

There is no threat from AI, other than the threat of only governments and corporations having access to it.

Actually, there are probably other threats, but what are you going to do? It already exists. You can’t un-exist it. And you sure as hell can’t “regulate development.”