FAA Orders Inspection of 2,600 Boeing 737 Planes Over Concerns Oxygen Masks Could Fail During Emergency

Now that is one weird AI image. I kinda feel like this should be getting better.

There is a conspiracy theory that Boeing is doing this on purpose so that the cost of flights will shoot up and the government will tell the goyim “well, it looks like you just can’t fly anymore!”

The WEF and Bill Gates and the rest of these freaks (who all have private jets) have been saying for years now they don’t want the goyim in the skies.


The Federal Aviation Administration said on Monday it is requiring inspections of 2,600 Boeing 737 airplanes because passenger oxygen masks could fail during an emergency.

The FAA said it was requiring the inspections of 737 MAX and NG airplanes after multiple reports of passenger service unit oxygen generators shifting out of position, an issue that could result in an inability to provide supplemental oxygen to passengers during a depressurization event.

It’s all very strange.

I tend to think it is a result of diversity. But the thing is: wouldn’t that have happened slower, instead of all at once?

I would have expected Boeing to slowly start having more and more of these incidents, but they just went from zero to nonstop incidents.

The big question is: how long until hundreds of people die in one of these incidents? And then, what will the government do?

Grounding all Boeings would probably end more than 50% of commercial air travel. America went all-in on this company.