“Faggots Love Socialism” or “Crimes Against the Order of Nature Correlate Strongly with Destructive Belief Systems”

Daily Stormer
December 2, 2019

As a people, we are on a journey. At the end point of the journey, we will realize that every prejudice our ancestors ever had was justified. By then, of course, our civilization will be nothing but a crumbled ruin. And we will be on our bellies amidst the wreckage, hiding from the hordes of pack-hunting browns chasing down the last whites.

The last thought that goes through the head of the last white will be something like this*: “Prejudice was the fulcrum on which our entire civilization was built. When we chose to dismantle it, we chose to dismantle ourselves.”

*The actual vocabulary used by the last white may be less highfalutin than this. You can’t expect people to maintain the same high literary standards when they’re dodging constant spear thrusts and machete swings from the Sons of Diversity.

As far as prejudices go, some are more obviously rational than others. No one needs an in-depth explanation of why you don’t want too many* niggers or Moslems around. The Jew thing is more subtle. Long after my prejudice against niggers and Moslems was conceived, I continued, for a long time, to be philosemitic. It was only as my intellectual odyssey continued that I came to the realization that the Jew was more dangerous than all the niggers or Moslems put together.

* Too many = more than zero

One not so obviously rational prejudice is the one against homosexuality. Back in evolutionary times, you can see that same-sex preference might have lowered the birth rate, and thus population size, a bit. But it’s not as clearly compelling an argument as “lol, these niggers are bad news, am I right?”

A recently-conducted survey of the attitudes of ten thousand American college students, however, provides fresh evidence that the ancient prejudice against homosexuality may be grounded in some kind of authentic evolutionary benefit.

The question asked was:

Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Socialism?

The correlation of pro-Socialist views with sexual deviancy is striking.

Only 8% of heteros had a very favorable view of Socialism, while 20% of gays/lesbians and 46% of queers did.

You don’t need to be an Ayn Rand*-type cultist to recognize that Socialism doesn’t work. Why should sexual abnormality correlate with a willingness to accept destructive belief systems? No one knows. But our ancestors somehow instinctively sensed it, without knowing why.

* Alissa Rosenbaum

Prejudice, it seems, is the distilled wisdom of the ages.

But in the decadent age we are condemned to live through, those who seek to revere ancient wisdom rather than reverse it face global persecution. Trump is deploying American power to stomp on some of Africa’s finest minds.

Sky News:

Zambia’s president has told Sky News his government will officially complain to the United States over remarks its ambassador made after a homosexual couple were jailed for 15 years.

Japhet Chataba and Steven Samba were sentenced in the capital, Lusaka, by a high court judge on Wednesday for “crimes against the order of nature” – Zambia’s legal term for gay sex.

Responding to the decision, the US ambassador to Zambia, Daniel Foote, said in a statement: “I was personally horrified to read about the sentencing of two men, who had a consensual relationship, which hurt absolutely no one.”
In an exclusive interview with Sky’s special correspondent Alex Crawford, Zambian President Edgar Lungu warned of a breakdown in relations between Zambia and the US unless President Donald Trump took action.

He said: “We are saying no to homosexuality. Why should we say we are going to be civilised if we allow it… are you saying that we’re very primitive now because we’re frowning on homosexuality?

“Even animals don’t do it, so why should we be forced to do it?… because we want to be seen to be smart, civilised and advanced and so on.”