Fake Parents Beat Adopted 5-Year-Old to Death in Latest Adoption Tragedy

I recently complained that a New York Post story about a daughter killing her father did not mention that she was adopted until the end of the article, and that this detail should be headline material in these cases.

See: ADOPTED Woman Gets One-Year Sentence After Killing “Dad” Over Not Taking Her to Hair Appointment

Well, today:

It’s good to know that the news media is following my orders.

New York Post:

The adoptive mother of a 5-year-old Pennsylvania boy who died in February and her husband were both arrested and charged with the boy’s murder last week after doctors said he showed signs of horrific abuse and torture.

Lauren and Jacob Maloberti, of Delmont, were slapped with criminal homicide for the Feb. 7 death of little Landon Maloberti on Thursday, the Westmoreland County District Attorney announced.

“Landon had blunt force trauma to his head and neck, blunt force trauma to his torso, and blunt force trauma to his extremities,” Westmoreland County District Attorney Nicole Ziccarelli said at a press conference announcing the charges.

The couple brought the bruise-covered child to the hospital on Jan. 30 after he lost consciousness.

The boy died about a week later, according to Ziccarelli’s office.

Little Landon suffered “severe child abuse” that left him unable to stand, eat or drink at the hands of his adoptive family.

The parents then launched a now-defunct GoFundMe campaign that raised more than $5,000 for the child’s funeral costs, investigators said.

A doctor at UPMC Children’s Hospital said the 5-year-old suffered three brain bleeds and his brain was “obliterated,” according to a criminal complaint obtained by WPXI-TV.

Lauren and her husband, a 33-year-old corrections officer at Fayette State Correctional Center, waited a full day to take the boy to the hospital and told medical professionals that he was just “wobbly from COVID a month prior,” the complaint stated.

Doctors said that the child had bruises new and old and evidence of trauma from “multiple episodes of physical abuse.”

“His injuries caused substantial pain at the time they were inflicted, with impairment of function including inability to stand, inability to eat or drink and loss of consciousness,” the complaint stated.

Landon loved playing with his toy monster trucks, singing country music at the top of his lungs and eating pickles, according to his obituary.

But Lauren, 34, displayed a disgusting hatred of the boy, according to interviews and text messages noted in the court document.

His five siblings reportedly told police that she would spank him with her hand and a wooden spoon or spray him with a spray bottle while he would cry and she would grow “more angry,” the local news station reported.

The other children said their mother would only hit Landon because “he does not learn his lesson” and the woman’s former coworkers said she “hated” her son and called him “hard to love,” according to the complaint.

Texts between the couple from April 2022 until the boy’s death “were full of disdain” for the child, investigators said.

Lauren once texted that “she was going to kill him,” CBS-Pittsburgh reported.

Obviously, whether it is an adopted child killing her fake father or an adoptive mother killing her fake son, you have to hold people accountable.

However, these incidents are definitely caused by adoption, or at least, adoption is the leading factor.

You almost never hear about family murders like this that do not involve adoption.

The basic fact is that familial relationships require a genetic bond. These is too much pressure in these relationships to make them work if there is no genetic bond.

The murder cases are the most extreme, but all stranger adoption ends in tragedy of some sort. No one ever comes out of these situations happy. The children almost always end up completely alienated from their fake parents after they move out of the home, and the fake parents regularly refuse to support them financially or otherwise.

When the “adoption” process ends without murder, with the child growing into adulthood, it usually has serious problems, and is almost always totally alienated from its fake parents.

Stranger adoption is a crisis that has caused untold human suffering in the decades since weirdos came up with this concept (it never existed in history until like, the 1970s – children without parents used to go to orphanages).

Somehow, no one is studying the phenomenon on any scale.

If you do a cursory search, you find what I’m saying is obviously true.

But most people remain unaware of it. There are few books on the topic, and there are no activist organizations trying to outlaw stranger adoption.

One of the focuses there has been is on how many serial killers were stranger adopted.

But that is a kind of niche study.

There are a lot of problems in society, so I guess no one is going to focus on this one.

But in a healthy society, this entire concept of adoption would be abolished.