Fake Liberation Photos: Anne Frank’s Step-Sister Admits It was All a Giant Con

Daily Stormer
January 29, 2020

“Make it look real, lads! Act more oppressed!”

On British television Monday morning, Anne Frank’s step-sister admitted it was all a giant con.

Daily Mail:

A Holocaust survivor has claimed that photos showing the liberation of Auschwitz aren’t real, because none were taken at the concentration camp.

Anne Frank’s step-sister Eva Schloss, 90, who was sent to the notorious camp in Nazi-occupied Poland at the age of 15, appeared on Good Morning Britain today to discuss the 75th anniversary of its liberation.

Eva was 23-years-old when her mother Fritzi married Otto Frank, making her the posthumous stepsister to Anne Frank, who had died eight years earlier in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945.

She spent eight months at Auschwitz before the camp was liberated, and avoided being taken on a death march by the Nazis who fled with prisoners to try to cover up their crimes, because she and her mother overslept and were left behind.

Wow, getting out of a death march just by oversleeping? The game must have been on Easy mode. And “taken on a death march by the Nazis to cover up their crimes”? Does that make any sense? Must have been like the death march Elie Wiesel went on but somehow didn’t die from, the one where he voluntarily preferred to go with his evil Nazi oppressors rather than wait for his Soviet liberators to show up. (Shortly before going to the nearest big town with his camp mates to find some German girls to rape.)

However, the survivor has alleged that pictures of Soviet Red Army liberating the camp are fake, because Russian soldiers hadn’t brought cameras, and says there was a heavy snowfall at Auschwitz at the time, which isn’t shown in pictures.

She claimed that the photos, which apparently show the liberation, were in fact taken at other camps, but she didn’t give an explain her theory further in the interview.

Like the Frank family, Eva and her family were discovered hiding in Amsterdam and Eva was sent to the notorious camp in Nazi-occupied Poland at the age of 15

She said: ‘It wasn’t just Auschwitz , they liberated all the camps in Poland and that is really not known.

‘Another thing I wanted to point out, there are many pictures about the Russians liberating Auschwitz and there’s never any snow.

‘The snow was honestly that high, I was at the Russian embassy once and I said “Something puzzles me, those photos are fake”.

‘They said, “Well yes, they are not fakes”, but when the army came they didn’t have cameras they didn’t take photographs.

“Schonungsblock” = recuperation block. Strange thing at an “extermination camp,” no?

Eva appeared on Good Morning Britain today to discuss the 75th anniversary of the Auschwitz liberation

‘Only much later they took pictures, you see now, but this is definitely not in Auschwitz and not the liberation of Auschwitz.’

Chubby-cheeked children, looking remarkably well-nourished as they are “liberated”

Here’s the video.

Notice the host tries to interrupt her when she starts saying the photos were fake, but she just continues speaking over him.

There’s still a lot of nonsense in her account of her experience. She complains her mother was selected to be “gassed” by Mengele himself (amazing how these people always have personal encounters with Mengele).

But she met her mother later on, still alive and ungassed. Somehow the gassing didn’t work. Maybe they ran out of gas. Or maybe she overslept that day and the inefficient Germans just let her off.