Fat Retard Elon Musk Pops Up in China for Tech Negotiations Immediately After Congress Banned TikTok

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Elon Musk is such a retard.

The TikTok ban, which was included in the Ukraine war bill, was basically a death note type warning to him. It was mostly about censorship – telling him that Congress will just completely bypass the First Amendment, without ever explaining how, in order to shut down platforms that are not properly censored.

I don’t think TikTok would have been banned if it were not for the Jewish issue. The argument of “Chinese spying” is too retarded and nonsensical. The app can only access permissions granted to it by the app store. Apple looks at all the code of the apps they include in the store. Sometimes spying apps get through, like when the NSA was using Angry Birds to spy on people (rofl), but TikTok was under extreme scrutiny.

I remember when I was on Twitter – I will never forget this – I said “if China is using TikTok to spy on people, Apple would have to be collaborating with them,” and someone said “of course they are.” I said if that was happening, people at Apple could be executed for treason. It wouldn’t be a Chinese issue, it would be an American issue. This is the level of thinking of the anti-China shill. The US just pushes the dumbest possible propaganda on them.

However, it is not a small matter that the US obviously does not want China involved in the tech industry. You can read the think tank papers. It’s why the US illegally arrested and imprisoned the head of Huawei on nonsensical charges relating to some gibberish about Iran sanctions. They kept the woman locked up for three years without explanation. The US views itself as being in a tech race with China. This is one of the primary battles they are fighting, and banning TikTok was an escalation of that.

So immediately after this TikTok ban is passed in Congress, Elon makes a surprise visit to China? To meet with high profile government officials about cooperating with him on his high-tech AI project?

Why doesn’t this guy hire some advisors? Like, this is not a difficult matter to determine.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk arrived in Beijing on Sunday on an unannounced visit, where he is expected to meet senior officials to discuss the rollout of Full Self-Driving software and permission to transfer data overseas, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

Chinese state media reported that he met Premier Li Qiang in Beijing, during which Li told Musk that Tesla’s development in China could be regarded as a successful example of U.S.-China economic and trade cooperation.

Musk confirmed his meeting with the premier on Sunday with a post on social media platform X.

“Honored to meet with Premier Li Qiang. We have known each other now for many years, since early Shanghai days,” Musk posted, with a picture with the premier.

Tesla reached an accord with Chinese authorities for a plant in Shanghai, its first outside the U.S., in 2018.

The U.S. electric vehicle maker rolled out Full Self-Driving, or FSD, the most autonomous version of its Autopilot software, four years ago but has yet to make it available in China, its second-largest market globally, despite customers urging it to do so.

If these customers are trying to kill themselves, they can just go to Canada. The government will kill you for free. You don’t have to pay Elon Musk $100,000.

Musk said this month Tesla may make FSD available to customers in China “very soon”, in response to a query on social media platform X.

Rival Chinese automakers such as Xpeng have been seeking to gain an advantage over Tesla by rolling out similar software.

Musk is looking to obtain approval to transfer data collected in the country abroad to train algorithms for its autonomous driving technologies, the person said.

Tesla has since 2021 stored all data collected by its Chinese fleet in Shanghai as required by Chinese regulators and has not transferred any back to the United States.

China actually wants to do business with the US, which is trying to start a war with her.

It’s a complicated dynamic. China is trying to get as many Americans as possible to make money in China, not just because they want to make money, but also because they reckon that if a lot of Americans are getting rich working with the Chinese, the US is less likely to start a war with them. This is probably logical.

At UFC 300, the co-main had two Chinese monster women beating each other up. The winner, talking to Joe Rogan, did an ad read for Chinese tourism. It was obvious that if the other woman had won, she would have ran the same advertisement.

These are creative ways to try to prevent a war.

However, Chinese people are not going to buy Teslas when Chinese companies are making cheaper, better electric cars that do not have disgusting cheap plastic interiors. Sales of iPhones in China are not dropping because people don’t like iPhones. Huaweis are still not as good as iPhones. The machinery is actually far superior, but they still run on some version of Android, which is just not as good as iOS. Chinese are switching to Huawei because they don’t want to support American companies, because America is trying to start a war with them. Joe Biden’s claims of US sovereignty over Taiwan are the reason iPhone sales collapsed in China.

War is not actually profitable. Business is profitable. But the US is run by dim-witted Jewish morons who are obsessed with world domination through their sickening democracy swindle. Don’t let anyone tell you war is about money. It is a complete waste of money. The only people into war are the Americans, because America is controlled by Jews hellbent on global domination.

Chinese automaker BYD is selling a lot more electric cars than Tesla. Elon is risking a further crackdown by the US government to no benefit. Chinese people will not buy his shitty death machines.