Musk’s Murder Machine: Tesla Autopilot Kills Many Folks

When Elon Musk isn’t destroying freedom of speech, he’s killing people in car crashes.

When people ask him to stop, he just gets stoned and pretends to be retarded.


Car maker Tesla’s Autopilot has been linked to hundreds of crashes and over a dozen deaths in the latest report by US auto-safety regulators, published on Thursday.

The US Transportation Department’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that their investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot, an advanced driver-assist feature that Elon Musk insists will eventually lead to fully autonomous cars, had identified at least 14 fatal crashes in which the feature was involved.

During its three-year investigation, which started in 2021, the agency has examined nearly 1,000 reported crashes that occurred between 2018 and August 2023. It found that the misuse of the Autopilot system had caused at least 14 accidents which led to fatalities and “many more involving serious injuries.”

NHTSA’s Office of Defective Investigations (ODI) found evidence that Tesla’s “weak driver engagement system was not appropriate for Autopilot’s permissive operating capabilities,” which resulted in a “critical safety gap.”

Of the 956 crashes examined, officials revealed Autopilot-related trends in about half of them.

Of the remaining 467, ODI identified 211 crashes in which “the frontal plane of the Tesla struck a vehicle or obstacle in its path.” These accidents, which were often the most severe, had resulted in 14 deaths and 49 injuries. Over a hundred of the incidents also involved in roadway departures where Autosteer, a component of Autopilot, was “inadvertently disengaged by the driver’s inputs,” the report said.

Musk is an incompetent buffoon.

He cannot do anything right.

He had the lead – by a lot – on the development of autopilot as well as other forms of AI, and he’s been blown out.

Instead of making a good autopilot, he wanted to take pleasure in massive death and destruction, because he has a very low level of vibrational consciousness, and his groin chakra cries out for bloody scenes of mayhem.

It’s a basic case of groin-pilled mayhem-maxing.

He does nothing but fail and everyone hates him.

Right now, some completely stupid right-wingers defend him, but what are they going to do when Netanyahu demands he ban Tucker Carlson? And he does it, because he’s a coward who does whatever Jews tell him to do?

He looks like he’s setting himself up to be hated by everyone on earth, as if it’s on purpose.

The global warming people used to love him and say he was Tony Stark. Then he said global warming was fake, and he’s voting Republican, and said a bunch of racist things. Then he banned most important right-wingers, including me, for no reason. (Basic censor-pilled ban-maxing.)