Fatmericans Continue to Refuse to Drink AIDS-Riddled Beer

If this offends you, you’re probably gay yourself

Conservatives began boycotting Bud Light after they announced that they were lining the beer with both AIDS-infected homosexual blood and poop from a gay asshole.

People are shocked to see that no one wants to drink this anal beer, even weeks after the boycott began.

I’m also shocked, because I’ve never known conservatives to really follow through on anything.


The boycott in response to Bud Light‘s outreach to transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney has had notable staying power.

The ferocity of this particular boycott — which has entered its third month of headlines — is due in large part to the brand’s misalignment with key consumers, easily accessible competitors and the poor corporate response.

Yes, the corporate response was really bad.

The CEO released a video of himself giving a rimjob to a young boy. The video featured flashing MK-Ultra symbols and satanic imagery.

On average, only 1 in 5 people will boycott a brand due to its stance on cultural issues, according to a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) customer loyalty survey.

Boycotters skew older, with 25% of them counting as baby boomers.

In my personal experience, boomers are not even in the game. This is a feel-good thing for them. But they’re not going to call for reintroducing the death penalty for sodomy, like Thomas Jefferson supported.

Jefferson eventually, for some reason (cucking in old age) tried to change the law to only castration for fags. However, Virginia overruled him, and kept the death penalty in place.

Niggas don’t even know that the most influential person involved in our nation’s founding wanted death (and then castration) for homos.

These boycotts rarely affect a company’s bottom line and can often be met with “buycotts” — a movement in which consumers go out of their way to support brands that take a stand with which they agree.

A recent example was in 2020, when Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue alienated a substantial part of the Latino food distributor’s consumer base by praising then-President Trump.

Unlike Goya, Bud Light didn’t receive the buycott effect because Anheuser-Busch U.S. CEO Brendan Whitworth’s statement appeared to try to play both sides, angering each as a result.

Yeah, I was actually joking about the CEO releasing a video of himself giving a rimjob to a young boy. I don’t know if you picked up on it, but that was sarcasm.

Actually, they like, dropped the fag, and the fag went out and cried about it. But they did not apologize to heteros. It was basically the worst possible response. You can apologize or double down and lean into one side or the other, but when you release something as inflammatory as that faggot as your brand symbol, you’re going to lose the support of half the country.

Obviously, companies do well as either anal or conservative. It’s obviously retarded for a brand as neutral as Budweiser to involve themselves in politics at all. But you can’t just go back to neutral after that.

Axios sort of concurs with my take:

Plus, other brands that have been in the cultural crosshairs — like Goya and Disney — have cornered their perspective markets in a way that Bud Light hasn’t.

The key is understanding your stakeholders and being aware of how even the smallest act can put a company at the center of the culture wars and cost billions, Vanderbilt University chancellor and management scholar Daniel Diermeier said.

“It’s very difficult to anticipate when the next shoe will drop. … So [communications teams] will have to up their game to be able to trace which issues are having traction and which ones aren’t.”

Yeah, uh.

I don’t really think we need to bring in the experts on this one.

One way to do that is by properly vetting each partnership or brand campaign, says Matt McDonald, president of Penta Group.

“Vetting is the political sensibility layer that should sit on top of business decisions. … The corporate fumbles we have seen in recent months would be avoidable with robust vetting operations in place.”

“I’m not sure most people understand how extensive the vetting process is in political campaigns. … If [the candidate] makes a diner stop, they research the diner. If they announce a big endorsement or disclose a big donor, they check to see what that person has said and done in the past. In the corporate space, it’s not clear that vetting for cultural or political minefields is really done.”

Oh, come on.

This was not a “fumble.”

This was a result of the BlackRock influence on Budweiser’s parent company. It’s “ESG.” Everyone knows that. No one thought that a “tranny faggot in the bubble bath” ad would not alienate many customers.

If they really wanted to do damage control in the wake of this, and they’d called me, I would have told them to make amends to the conservatives, who I imagine are the biggest drinkers of their product. Conservatives are actually fatter than liberals.

Homos and liberals are much more likely to drink something reasonable, such as vodka soda, over beer.

If I’d been brought in as the crisis management expert, I would have told them to fire someone in a very public way (fall guy) and then do a funny ad with someone associated with conservatism. I would mock the whole situation. Donald Trump Jr. would do it. I can probably think of someone better if I took some time.

Actually, thinking about it: I would try to get Larry David. He’s a Jew loved by liberals, but he also likes being edgy. I’d have him do a hilarious viral video poking fun at the whole thing, and throwing the tranny under the bus in a way that conservatives took to be serious but which liberals couldn’t quite understand, and thought might be ironic.

Anyway: good humor is key.

Remember George Bush doing all those jokes about invading Iraq? That is really something I could team a whole marketing class about.

Or, you could double down on gay, but from a numbers perspective, it just doesn’t make sense.

Here’s the thing: BlackRock/Vanguard, a Jewish company (it really is one company, the way they operate in tandem), buys up shares in a lot of companies, then gets on the board, then starts pushing this freak stuff. They don’t care about the money. They have trillions of dollars. The money does not matter. This is about domination, and on a long enough timeline, they believe – for good reason – that a gayer country will be a more materialistic country, and that will serve their long-term ends.

It’s not super complicated.

Axios bringing in experts to explain something so simple and obvious is demonstrative of the entire disinformation industrial complex that is the Western media. They say things that are nonsensical (i.e., Budweiser thought this would be good for sales and that decision was made by their marketing team), and say it in a way that seems super serious. To me, it reads like deadpan humor.

All That Having Been Said

The basic point that Axios is making – that this boycott has more staying power than others – is solid. We’ve seen Gillette, Nike, Adidas, and many others do really offensive things, and conservatives have threatened to boycott and it hasn’t really manifested in a meaningful way that affected numbers.

Disney is probably having a hard time, but that goes beyond the fact that they are pushing faggotry to the point that they are just releasing horrible products. I downloaded a cam video of the new Indiana Jones film and it was unbearable. I recently watched Silo, and although that was very leftist and anti-social, it was not near as terrible as the stuff Disney puts out.

Bud Light appears to have become a meme, and it’s like a symbolic bonding thing for men. I’ve seen men at bars when ordering beers say “anything but Bud Light!” And that’s empowering. It’s probably in part because beer is a group activity. If you’re going to buy shoes, and you’re used to Nike or Adidas, it’s easy to say “well, me doing this isn’t going to do much – I’m just one person.” (This is obviously the worst possible way of thinking, as all movements are made up of individuals. But it is what it is.)

I feel very strongly that conservatives are not going to do anything meaningful at all. Maybe young people will. But honestly, this Bud Light thing, while it may carry the seed of a building energy, looks more like something people just do to make themselves feel a little bit better about the fact that the government – backed up by all of these mega corporations – is indoctrinating and mutilating little kids as part of their anal agenda, and conservatives are doing basically nothing at all about it.

Skipping Bud Light (mostly for a product that is owned by the same company, lol) makes them feel better about how miserably they’ve failed to defend this country.

The important thing for you, dear reader, is that you maintain good humor while dissecting the collapse of civilization.

You can’t do anything to stop it. So just try not to worry much about it.

Moreover: take a cue from the diseased faggots, and drink vodka soda. There is no reason to get fat, destroy your testosterone, and grow tits from drinking beer, regardless of the politics of the company producing the beer.