Fauci Finally Says “No Normal Until Entire World Vaccinated,” More Starting to Realize This is Permanent

Master of the Known Universe and Lord Protector of the Sol System Anthony Fauci has announced some total bummers to the subjects he commands, which include all earth lifeforms.

Although his interview with the Washington Post was filled with bummers, two special bummers stood out:

  1. Citizens of the Sol System are now required to wear two masks at once, as the deadly coronavirus continues to mutate into more and more diabolical forms
  2. Nothing can go back to normal until 85% of the entire world population has been injected with the deadly vaccine

The first issue is a bizarre annoyance, but represents a concerning trend: the longer this virus mania lasts, the more intense and intensely absurd the rules begin to be. Coming up on one year, he’s announcing a second mask. It is logical to assume that in the winter of 2022, he will announce that we should wear three masks, and so on.

The second issue, however, is really going to crush a lot of people’s dreams. The estimated delivery time of the vaccine for the third world is somewhere between 2024 and 2025. Obviously, between here and 2025, there is a lot of room for that timeframe to be extended. Right now, they are obviously coming out with all of these new “mutant strains,” and saying that people will require “boosters” on a regular basis, and presumably the entire third world needs those too, so there’s a lot of room to stretch this out to 2030, right now, without even inventing new reasoning. However, without any further extensions, what Fauci’s statement amounts to is that we can’t even talk about going back to normal for at least 3 or 4 more years.

The media has already been picking up on the line that “the whole world has to be vaccinated,” but the 2024-2025 area has not been widely stated. However, that is absolutely the timeframe being given by all of the vaccine companies, including the Western ones and the big Indian ones that are doing the bulk of the manufacturing for the third world. Bill Gates himself has repeatedly presented the 2024 date (while also claiming that “by next year we’ll start to go back to normal,” which is a psychological technique).

A lot of people don’t listen to me, despite the fact that I lay it all out. I think just as a matter of basic neurology, the brains of many people haven’t been able to adjust to the fact that this is never going to end. But it won’t end until it’s over, I can tell you that. The goal of this agenda is to create a new society, with a global governmental system run by technocrats.

These two things need to happen:

  1. Whites adapt to having zero freedoms or civil rights
  2. Middle class crushed into poverty

Both of these things were scheduled to happen already, through political correctness and global warming. However, the coronavirus hoax has sped up the process, because apparently they didn’t think it was moving fast enough (and possibly, Donald Trump’s election screwed up the timeline).

Presently, they are working towards substituting the reasoning for why you have to go into poverty from the coronavirus to global warming. You can see that half of Joe Biden’s executive orders are somehow related to “climate.” That is the bigger picture.

But the virus hoax will continue until they feel the global warming hoax can take over, and serve as the fundamental ostensible reasoning behind the decisions being made by this global financial elite about how we live our lives. That is the way democracy works: the elite minority of rulers make decisions, and then they explain these decisions to you using psychological warfare methods of strategic and hysterical nonsense.

The reader needs to give up hope that this is going to end, and make decisions with the assumption that it is going to go on until the new society is achieved. Basically, they want everyone to live in “walking cities” or “15 minute cities” which will actually be 2000 AD style megacity blocks. A good example of a model for this is Goldman Sachs’ Hudson Yards in Manhattan.

This is a mega development, with residential and office space in the same complex, along with shops and a school, as well as various forms of public entertainment.

It spans the size of a city block, and no one ever has to leave it. The idea is that everything in your life is 15 minutes away from everything else, walking by foot (and/or by elevator, given that they are obviously very vertical in nature).

While living with your plastic furniture in your steel and concrete structure, you will also be treated to very fine abstract art, which is simply breathtaking.

That is “The Shed,” which is in the center yard of Hudson Yards, and is a “cultural programming center.”

You also have the lovely “Vessel,” which a Jewish woman recently killed herself by jumping from.

What the virus system will allow is for people to be told that their mini-city inside a city is “clean,” and that they thus have no need to worry about the virus while inside it. However, that will mean that people cannot go in and out of these blocks. A train system will exist, mostly underground, which will allow the elite and those with special permissions to move within cities from block to block, and also city to city, around the world.

Hudson Yards is a “luxury” type of “boutique lifestyle.” But that is only because it is the model, and they want it to be hip and trendy. In the future, when there is poverty and crime everywhere, and everyone is dying from drugs and the streets are run by Latino gangs so on, you will be begging to live in one of these complexes in an apartment the size of a parking space.

There will also be room for the infamous “pods.”

(Note: does not come with Japanese gf, and if you want a gf, it will likely be a tranny.)

These complexes will be “public-private partnerships,” probably with a main company owning it, and the people living there all working for that company in some capacity. However, most of the work by this point will be done by robots, and the jobs will probably be largely designed to keep you busy.

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Black Mirror has been pretty good with near-future stuff. Like most good science fiction, it contains symbolism for our current society in the same breath as a vision of the future. If you can deal with a black male/white female combo, the first season episode “Fifteen Million Merits” gives a good image of the idea (though it is obviously slightly exaggerated for effect). In that story, the people living in one of these buildings “go to work” every day riding bicycles, and people compete in competitions to become celebrities within the complex.

Everything I’m saying here is stuff that I’ve gotten from the writings of the elite themselves, who are not shy about publishing papers about their plans. Why would they be shy? The worst that can happen to them is that a headline goes viral, such as happened with the World Economic Forum’s 2016 article “Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better.” When the goyim suggested that this “Great Reset” agenda could relate to the lockdown agenda, the masters changed that headline to “Here’s how life could change in my city by the year 2030.”

I’ve read a lot of this stuff. You can just go on their sites and read it. I understood very early on that the goal of the coronavirus hoax was to push this plan forward. More people are starting to catch on now, but very soon, most of the internet is going to be completely locked down, and discussion of this future as being potentially negative will not be allowed.

Clearly, I don’t know your life, what you’ve got going on, what your options are and so on, but I will definitely say that if they start throwing up these megaplexes and putting you in them, things are going to get very bad. They want to make you beg for something that you would not otherwise be requesting, you see. That is what the flood of drugs, the poverty, the crime is all about – they want you to be excited about a living situation which now appears disgusting.

Furthermore, you’re just really going to have a lot more options at every stage of this if you’re not living in one of these cities. Understand, that you might end up in a situation where you don’t have the ability to get out. This death spiral could at any moment speed up. However, if you are living on your own property outside of the city, you won’t be dealing with the transition phase. In fact, you wouldn’t be dealing with what you are dealing with now in the city – because we are already in the transition phase. Outside of the city, they are not doing this mask thing, the “social distancing” or any of it, really. As I’ve explained, if you still have a job that you drive to, you can simply add 30-40 minutes onto your commute, and be way the hell out there. You also should consider that your job is at some point likely going to be gone, as a result of these economic decisions they’ve made. Right now, jobs are continuing to be pushed off onto “work at home.”

That said, many serious money people in New York, such as those in the financial markets, are saying that the work from home is not working and is not sustainable. These are the people who will first introduce the idea of a “closed system 15 minute city.” As stated, this will be something like Hudson Yards where people live and work in the same building or complex of buildings, and are not allowed back in if they leave. (For social engineering purposes, they will have periodic “outbreaks” in these complexes, which require “lockdowns” where you have to stay in your room in the building. Rooms, elevators and entire floors will be able to be “sealed.” They might even have an old school vacuum tube system to deliver food, as has been suggested in some of these books and papers. You can see how this would also allow for complete social control by whoever is running the complex – or rather, you can see how someone else would see that if they were some kind of deranged conspiracy kook like the sickening and evil anti-Semitic theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene.)

Statements from Fauci about the fact that America will not be allowed to return to normalcy until the entire third world is vaccinated, something which, again, is not estimated to happen until 2025 or 2026, will kick off the discussion about beginning to construct these complexes. A city like New York already has some of the high tech construction equipment designed by the Chinese (probably most of it designed by Germans and developed and first implemented by the Chinese, technically, though over the last few years, the reverse has happened as Chinese companies have begun rivaling Germans and even selling certain engineering technology to Germans – Chinese aren’t Arabs, after all). This means that large high-rise structures can be speed-built over a period of a couple months or even less, and that is what you’re going to be seeing across the country as we move towards this “walking city” system.

So, probably in the next year, this concept will be introduced into the public mind, and then more companies will start enacting it in all of the big cities. This will mean that you, and your family, if you have one, have to commit to stay in one of these walled complexes in order to keep your job. So that is also something to consider, when considering your own future.

People will of course say “what does it matter, they’ll come get you anyway!” This may or may not be true, I guess on a long enough timeline it would be true, assuming that this system lasts long enough to get to that point. But there is a lot of time between here and there, and there are a lot of things small towns can do to make it not worth the effort in the early stages of building this system.

Obviously, “it’s going to happen anyway” becomes a fallacy when you get into longer timelines. Taken to the extreme, your infant child could get an infection and you could refuse to give him antibiotics because “everyone eventually dies anyway.” I don’t picture the military going out to small towns to round people up and force them to live in pods within really the next decade. That’s a lot of life to live outside of these cities that are already becoming hell on earth.

I know the Boston Dynamics stuff is impressive, but actually designing killer robots that can roam the countryside and slaughter everyone is a ways off still, and although you could replace most of the military with brown people, sending them into a shooting war with a tiny rural population is just not going to be priority number one.

Yes, soldiers will be among the first to get the computer chip in their brains, and yes, they could send mind-controlled cyborgs to just kill all the farm people (ala the Black Mirror episode “Men Against Fire“). But just think about how weird that sentence is, and think about trying to predict something like that. It will drive you insane. What we know is for the foreseeable future, however long that is, you are going to do better outside of the city. You will do better there now. A week after you move, you will say: “gee, my life sure is better now.”

Furthermore: I’d rather be killed by cyborgs on my farm than live in a pod with a computer chip in my brain.

Think about it. But don’t take too long. It’s all happening.

Appendix: On Visions

Very little of the near-future science fiction is good in the sense of being accurate, and has actually gotten progressively less accurate since the 1930s and 40s. I think Cyberpunk 2077 is probably about as wrong as it could possibly be. It is effectively disinformation, taking some very obvious elements, such as neural interface and bionic limbs, and mixing it with things that were probably done primarily for aesthetic reasons. Overall, it is nowhere near as accurate as The Hunger Games.

The Cyberpunk idea of crime running wild is totally wrong, in the context that they put it in. What I think you will see is 2000 AD type crime blocks. Eventually, the brown populations of Western countries will be moved into these blocks described above eventually, and obviously they will end up being run by gangs. This was seen in the 2012 2000 AD film “Dredd.”

The 2000 AD concept of the Judge is probably not far off either. We see the way courts have largely become sentencing centers, and at some point, the middleman will become redundant when dealing with street crime that happens outside of these closed “15 minute” complexes. Probably, private security contractors will be used to protect the megaplexes, and they will have full rights outside of any legal system. I would not be surprised if existing cities that are already in decay and won’t be given these 15 minute complexes end up with a Judge Dredd type justice system.

We’re already seeing the aesthetics of Children of Men coming in now, so they really called that.

There was some good stuff in the 1970s as well. Logan’s Run and Zardoz were both predictive of this idea of a decadent elite living in closed complexes while the world collapses around them.

I will also add that everything in the first three seasons of Black Mirror is worth watching, despite the fact that I ended up calling it “Blacked Mirror” due to the casting.