Feces Flinging Black Boon Makes an Example of Herself

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
September 6, 2014


These creatures really are foul.

Anyone who has bred with one of these beasts has been seduced by an animal.

Even if you could not see them, you should know instantly from their behaviour that they are different to the White man.

This particular ape is closer to the rest of her family tree than most, joining them in one of their favourite past-times, feces throwing.



A Joliet woman warned the cops they’d be sorry if they took off her handcuffs, police said, and then proceeded to show them she was right.

When she was freed from her cuffs, Gloria Spiva, 54, of 1111 Magnolia Ave. allegedly flailed at police with her urine-soaked sweatpants and “flicked feces at officers” after spreading it on the walls.

Spiva was in police custody following an early Saturday morning arrest on a charge of criminal damage to property. She allegedly broke two windows at a Cardinal Lane property owned by the Housing Authority of Joliet.

After she was arrested, Spiva told an officer, “You bitch, go f—k yourself. Keep the cuffs on or you’re not going to like it,” police said.

But officers uncuffed Spiva anyway, police said, at which time she relieved herself in her sweatpants and swung them at the cops, then smeared feces at them and sent it in their direction.

Spiva was subsequently charged with obstructing justice and aggravated battery to a police officer. She was taken to the Will County jail.