Finland: “Far Right” Minister Quits After 10 Days Because of Jokes

Vilhelm Junnila

I thought this guy was the hero Finland needed.

What a dud.

The Guardian:

The new Finnish coalition government has been plunged into crisis, as a key minister was forced to resign after it emerged he had called for Finland to support abortions in Africa to combat the climate crisis.

Vilhelm Junnila, of the far-right Finns party, resigned after a week of fiercely criticised revelations, including that he made jokes about “Heil Hitler” and had given a speech at an event attended by neo-Nazis.

Putting Finland in the context of Western politics is impossible. It is a unique country. It is small, it has its own unique language which has no overlap with any of its neighbors, only people under 40 speak fluent English, their population is under 6 million, it is relatively geographically isolated, it’s a cold place where life moves at a different speed. And so on.

Various reasons make it not comparable to Germany or Sweden.

It’s certainly a wealthy and developed country, which makes a lot of money selling energy to Sweden. It’s a shame about Nokia, but it was pretty incredible that for nearly a decade, this tiny country was responsible for the majority of cellphones in the world. I remember my Nokias with the SMS, and they were really nice. It’s super nostalgia.

Up until recently, they dominated Africa, but China has been able to drive down smartphone prices to the $60 range.

Anyway – you’ll get some fat guy joking around about Hitler. Political correctness hasn’t penetrated Finland to the same degree, at all. Of course, you might also get some foxy 30-year-old coke slut president.

It’s a different sort of place.

Great people, by the way.

On Thursday evening, a junior member of the coalition highlighted a parliamentary question Junnila had posed on the official record in 2019. Junnila, who as the economic affairs minister was one of 19 cabinet members, wrote at the time that “it would be justified for Finland to shoulder its responsibility by promoting climate abortion”, which he claimed would be “a great leap forward for humanity”.

In official parliamentary records, his question states: “In the underdeveloped societies of Africa, the number of children can be huge, and the problem escalates even worse as climate change drives them, due to famine, disease and extreme weather, to seek a better life in areas with an even larger carbon footprint.”

That is funny as shit.

Of course, the NGOs are all pushing this, so I’m sure it was confusing to him why he couldn’t say this.

Junnila resigned on Friday, saying in a statement: “For the continuation of the government and the reputation of Finland, I see that it is impossible for me to continue as a minister in a satisfactory way.”

He narrowly survived a vote of no confidence on Wednesday, after footage emerged of him addressing a 2019 event by the Coalition of Nationalists, a far-right umbrella group. In the same year, Junnila joked about the number 88 at a Finns party event, used by the far right as code for the “Heil Hitler” Nazi salute, with 8 referring to “H”, the eighth letter of the alphabet.

This is something that could have happened in any country other than Germany a few years ago. I doubt they are literal “neo-Nazis” (no one knows what this term means, really, but I always think of fed groups in America and then the State Department and Israeli groups in the Ukraine, which I think fit the terminology).

I don’t think any other groups do.

I don’t think the Greek Golden Dawn was “neo-Nazi.” They were vaguely pro-Hitler, and one of their leaders had a swastika tattoo, but they were serious people and not a bunch of unhinged criminals, and their focus was not associated with historical Germany or swastikas. You might be able to say “fascist,” as they were militant and anti-democracy, but that’s it.

I bring them up because there are a lot of similar groups throughout Europe. I don’t know this Finnish group, but it sounds like it’s along the same lines.

“First of all, congratulations on an excellent election number. I know it is a winning card. This 88 refers, of course, to the two ‘H’s, but let’s not dwell on that,” Junnila said, according to an election report by the Finnish state broadcaster Yle.

He later apologised for “mistakes”, tweeting: “I hope it is clear to everyone that I strongly and absolutely condemn the Holocaust, antisemitism and all antisemitic acts.”

Critics noted that as the minister of economic affairs, Junnila was a trade ambassador for Finland, whose biggest trading partner is Germany.

In a development described by one senior conservative MP as “completely exceptional”, seven MPs from the Swedish People’s party, who are part of the coalition, voted against Junnila in the vote of no confidence, and he could have lost the vote if all opposition members had voted.

More than 1,000 protesters gathered outside the parliament on Wednesday evening to criticise the government’s support for Junnila and a government programme many said was regressive and damaging to Finland’s most vulnerable people.


The Samis?

Anyway, probably better he dipped out. He was a bit too far out there, when they’ve got the Western press breathing down their throats. At this point, they need to focus on trying to undo the NATO thing, and reestablish ties with Russia. If I was running Finland, I would push for full collaboration, and invite in Russian peacekeepers to prevent a color revolution (like they did a couple years ago in Kazakhstan and more recently in Belarus).

But I’m not them, I guess.