Florida: Federal Judge Bans State from Banning Child Mutilation

It’s unconstitutional to not cut your son’s dick off.

That’s the law.

The Post Millennial:

On Tuesday, a federal judge struck down a law from Florida that bars minors from getting puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones for sex change interventions if a parent consents to treatment. He compared to law to discrimination against minorities and women.

Senior Judge Robert Hinkle stated in his opinion that Florida went too far by barring trans-identified minors from being prescribed puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones if they have parental consent, per the Associated Press.

Hinkle, who was nominated by Democratic President Bill Clinton, quoted Martin Luther King Jr. and compared getting the treatment as a minor to women and minorities fighting for civil rights.

The judge is a Clinton-appointed boomer

“Some transgender opponents invoke religion to support their position, just as some once invoked religion to support their racism or misogyny,” Hinkle said in the over 100-page decision. “Transgender opponents are of course free to hold their beliefs. But they are not free to discriminate against transgender individuals just for being transgender. In time, discrimination against transgender individuals will diminish, just as racism and misogyny have diminished. To paraphrase a civil-rights advocate from an earlier time, the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Governor Ron DeSantis blasted the ruling, saying, “Through their elected representatives, the people of Florida acted to protect children in this state, and the Court was wrong to override their wishes.”

Okay, Ron.

Are you going to follow the ruling?

Or tell the feds to come enforce it themselves?

No law will help until you repeal the 19th