Aquatic Tranny’s Dream of Going to the Olympics Shattered by Brutal Transphobia

The biofrontholes couldn’t beat him fair and square, so they just whined until he got banned

This is a total violation of our values.

People get banned from the internet for transphobia, but the Sports Court is allowed to rampantly discriminate for no reason?

Women can’t win anything, so they have to change the rules.

Same old story.

Washington Examiner:

The dream of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas to defeat more biological female competition was dashed after the Court of Arbitration for Sport rejected a challenge from Thomas that would have allowed the athlete to compete in elite competitions for women.

Thomas, a biological man who identifies as female, requested the Switzerland-based court repudiate the current policy that denies Thomas access to competing in “elite” women’s races, including the Olympics, according to a Wednesday report.

An arbitration panel then ruled that Thomas did not meet the standards to appeal the policy, which was established by World Aquatics, because “for the time being,” the policy does not apply to the athlete, the report noted.

“[Thomas] is currently only entitled to compete in USA Swimming events that do not qualify as ‘Elite Events,’” the arbitral award stated.

Thomas became the first openly transgender athlete to win an NCAA Division I national championship in March 2022 while competing for the University of Pennsylvania.

We need to bring in some kind of UN envoy to put all of these people on some kind of list or something.

Why is based black guy supporting biofrontholes?