Following Soup Kitchen Massacre, Brandon Says He’s Threatening to “End Support” for Terrorist Jews


I read more about this, and the sources are actually saying, explicitly, that Brandon did not threaten to end weapons shipments, simply that he said he would “stop supporting” these Jewish serial killers.

I apologize for the confusion. Obviously, the implication of “support” is weapons, but he didn’t say weapons specifically. There is no way he’s going to stop sending weapons.

Maybe he’ll cut his moral support. But the weapons will keep going. Arguably, he’s already cut moral support, what with Chuck Schumer out there saying Bibi needs to go and so on. But nothing is going to stop the weapons, and apparently, he won’t even threaten to stop the weapons.

Bibi is in control of America’s foreign policy. Biden is a vegetable and Blinken and Sullivan are too weak to do anything but make noises about how sad they are.

Original article follows. 

Brandon is not going to cut the Jewish weapons. It’s never going to happen.

He’s just facing huge amounts of pressure from all of his own people to pretend like he would do that. But he’s not given any red lines. He started out, in October, saying that it would be impossible for there to be any red lines.

If he was going to cut the aid, he would give a red line. The obvious red line would be a full-scale assault on Rafah. He could also put a number on acceptable civilian casualties. Instead, he claims that he told Bibi “I might do it.” That’s not the way these things work.


President Joe Biden threatened on Thursday to condition support for Israel’s offensive in Gaza on it taking concrete steps to protect aid workers and civilians, seeking for the first time to leverage U.S. aid to influence Israeli military behavior.

Biden’s warning, relayed in a call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday, followed a deadly Israeli attack on World Central Kitchen aid workers that spurred new calls from Biden’s fellow Democrats to place conditions on U.S. aid to Israel. Israel said the attack was a mistake.

The U.S. president, a lifelong supporter of Israel, has resisted pressure to withhold aid or halt the shipment of weapons to the country. His warning marked the first time he has threatened to potentially condition aid, a development that could change the dynamic of the nearly six-month-old war.

Biden “made clear the need for Israel to announce and implement a series of specific, concrete, and measurable steps to address civilian harm, humanitarian suffering, and the safety of aid workers,” the White House said of the leaders’ phone call. It said the call lasted about 30 minutes.

The president “made clear that U.S. policy with respect to Gaza will be determined by our assessment of Israel’s immediate action on these steps,” the White House said in a statement.

Washington is Israel’s top weapons supplier and the Biden administration has mostly provided a diplomatic shield for it at the United Nations.

Asked about possible changes in U.S. policy, Netanyahu spokesperson Tal Heinrich told Fox News: “I think it’s something that Washington will have to explain”.

They’re not going to explain it. That is the whole point: it’s vague. And it is meant to help the Jews, by giving them cover. It creates confusion, on purpose, so that Biden can continue sending weapons while claiming he might not do it forever.

This is a big news story, for obvious reasons. The media wants to support Biden, but the media itself is having a very hard time defending this situation, where Biden says he is against this slaughter of innocent people by the Jews – the worst massacre in recorded human history (unless you believe in the Holohoax, lol) – and then also says that there is no point at which he will stop sending weapons.

The Soup Kitchen Massacre was something unbelievable.

See: Celebrity Chef Jose Andres Explains How Jews Purposefully Slaughtered His Humanitarian Aid Team

Whatever people say, everyone understands that killing white people who are on a humanitarian aid mission is categorically different than killing more and more Arabs. It’s true that all lives have value, and so on, but targeting Western aid workers, killing them all in a purposeful assassination, is something new and different.

There were three separate airstrikes on the convoy, which was clearly marked, traveling in a “safe” corridor, having previously informed the Jews where they would be traveling.

The Jews bombed one car, and some of the survivors got out and got in a second car. Then the Jews bombed that car. They got in a third car, and the Jews carried out a third strike on the third car. During the attack, they were trying to contact the Jews and beg them to stop bombing them.

There is zero chance this was not entirely purposeful. Polish, British, and Australian citizens, along with someone with dual Canadian-American citizenship, were killed by these vicious, hateful, sadistic Jews. Thus far, only the Poles and the Australians have called in the Jewish ambassadors to explain what went on. The Poles demanded compensation. The rest of those countries apparently have given permission for the Jews to murder their aid workers. Britain and America said it was “sad,” but did not call in their respective Jewish ambassadors.

These are American bombs. If I were the Poles, I would have called in the American ambassador as well. But I suppose they have reasons for not doing that (America is their daddy).

This should be a turning point, where the West tells the Jews that enough is enough. That is what Biden is trying to indicate with these claims that he’s considering not sending the Jews any more weapons.

But there is no ultimatum. He is not telling Bibi when he will stop sending the weapons. He will not stop sending the weapons. They might figure out some way to make a big show of Biden resisting, but the weapons will continue to flow, and American bombs will continue to massacre innocent people – including any Westerners who try to get food to the starving Palestinians.

From the beginning, Jews have asserted that they have an absolute right to kill anyone they want to kill, because of events that supposedly happened in Europe 80 years ago. Nothing has changed. Biden said he endorsed this, without caveat, and that isn’t going to change either.

Even in some situation where Biden wanted to stop the weapons transfers, he would not be able to do it, because the entirety of the rest of the US government is controlled by the Jews. The Republicans are diehard supporters of Jews killing everyone, including British and American citizens. Some of them are even more extreme than Biden, and are saying that Biden – who gives unlimited weapons and money to the Jews – is not doing enough.

The only way Israel will stop is if America stops funding them, and the only way America would do that is if the rest of the world somehow forced them. Short of that, this Jewish campaign of slaughter is going to continue, and it is going to spread out beyond Gaza into Lebanon and beyond.