Fox News Shilling “Antisemitism Exposed” Weekly Jewish Propaganda Newsletter

Fox News has at the top of every news article an advertisement for an anti-antisemitism newsletter.

I didn’t subscribe to it. But I’m sure I know what it says. I’m sure it defends the Israeli state and claims that Islam is a threat to all of Western civilization.

Fox News is ostensibly a “right-wing” news outlet. We should take a moment to consider how bizarre it is that the supposed right-wing would be defending the sickening Jews, a group responsible for the murder of Jesus Christ.

All through history, conservative-minded or right-wing people have stood against the Jews, given that the Jews have constantly pushed an anti-Christ, anti-tradition agenda. Jews are totally obsessed with destroying Christianity. They support endless war, abortion, feminism, homosexuality, and other things that are associated with leftist politics.

What the Jews have done in America is convince both sides of the political spectrum that the Jews are not only good, but the core of society.

While the left supports every Jewish domestic agenda, from war to abortion to trannies, the right supports the agenda of Israel, and appears to believe that the Jews of Israel represent a positive, pseudo-Christian force, despite the fact that religious Jews in Israel have a tradition of spitting on Christians. Primary to this theory is that the Jews are an anti-Islam force, and right-wingers hate Islam.

What no one seems interested in is the fact that Jews are the ones responsible for the mass immigration of Moslems into America and Europe. Not only are the migrants fleeing Jewish wars, but the Jews are the number one force behind pushing for mass immigration. Even the Israeli state is directly involved in moving “refugees” into Europe. During their bombing of Gaza, top Israeli officials have come out and said they want the Gazans to be transferred to Ireland and the United States.

It is truly incredible, the way the Jews have dug themselves into positions of authority in both the left and the right of the American political spectrum.

Meanwhile, on both the far-right and the far-left, you have people questioning the Jews, and demanding that they be held responsible for their actions.