France: Absurd Militarized Cops Storm University, Brutalize and Expel Peaceful Anti-Israel Protesters

Wow, so police worldwide are sending the police to brutalize young people who disagree with the mass slaughter in Gaza?

It’s really crazy that the governments of every white country (except Russia) are so supportive of Jews, despite the fact that this support endangers their own vital interests.

The only explanation for this is that Jews are very charming and endearing. Otherwise, why would governments be willing to risk so much, with nothing to gain, in order to defend this Jewish agenda of total genocide of Arabs?

Of course, no one actually cares about the genocide of Arabs. They only pretend to care because they secretly hate the Jews for literally no reason.


Police in Paris entered France’s prestigious Sciences Po university on Friday and removed student activists who had occupied its buildings in protest against Israel’s conduct in its war against Hamas in Gaza.

A Reuters witness saw police go into the buildings and take out many of the 70-odd protesters inside. Unlike in some college campuses across the United States, the French protests have been peaceful and there were no signs of violence as the students were brought out of the buildings.

The American protests were all peaceful until a bunch of black-masked Antifa showed up.

Many believe that these Antifa are actually working for federal law enforcement to provide an excuse for a crackdown on protests. Of course, that is very silly, because US law enforcement would never do anything dishonest. All intelligence agencies agree that US law enforcement is the most honest group of people this side of Jews.

Sciences Po has become the epicentre of French student protests over the war and academic ties with Israel, which have spread across France but have remained much smaller in scale than those seen in the United States.

The university was closed for the day on Friday, with a heavy police presence around its main building.

Sciences Po’s director Jean Basseres on Thursday rejected demands by protesters to review its relations with Israeli universities, prompting protesters to continue their movement with at least one person entering a hunger strike, according to a student speaking on behalf of the protesters.

The Jews have done nothing unethical in Gaza. All of those people they killed are terrorists.

People say “how can a baby be a terrorist?” But have you ever seen a 2-year-old rampaging through a house, smashing up your Millennium Falcon Lego set?

I have seen this. And I can tell you that a baby absolutely has the capacity for terrorism, and the only thing he understands is death by bombing. Another option is to strip the toddler naked, zip-tie him, shoot him in the back of the head, and throw him in a mass grave under a destroyed hospital.

Israel has a right to defend itself against all aggressors, including babies.

Amalek must be cleansed from the earth if Israel is ever to have peace.

Thankfully, the authorities in France understand the threat of Amalek, and are willing to put their money where their mouth is when shutting down the Amalek threat.