Amsterdam University: Teachers Call for New Anti-Israel Protest After Brutal Police Clampdown

America might have to bomb Amsterdam.

In a rules based order, we cannot allow people to criticize Jews. It’s a direct attack on our values of who we are in a democracy.

If the Amsterdam government won’t silence these protesters, the US government is going to have to take charge and shut their filthy antisemite mouths.

These protests are a threat to the sovereignty of Israel and therefore a threat to the sovereignty of the United States. Bombing Amsterdam in response to these protests would be an act of basic self-defense.


A pro-Palestinian protest in the Dutch capital swelled on Tuesday, a day after riot police violently broke down an encampment at the Amsterdam University.

A crowd of several hundred chanted anti-Gaza war slogans, blocked downtown streets and denounced Israel’s ongoing military operations.

“Free, Free Palestine!”, protesters gathered around the university’s premises shouted. “The people united will never be defeated.”

Police used a bulldozer to knock down barricades early on Tuesday morning and detained 140 people in sometimes violent clashes, statements and videos of the protest showed.

Teachers and university employees angered by the police response called for another protest on Tuesday afternoon.

Students and staff describe the use of pepper spray, police batons, police dogs and bulldozers to forcefully remove them. People were injured because of this excessive violence,” a group calling itself Dutch Scholars for Palestine said in a statement.

“We firmly and unequivocally insist upon the rights of students and scholars to engage in protest. We deplore the University of Amsterdam administration’s reliance on using violence instead of engaging in the students’ justified demands.”

It’s funny how every country in the West will send militarized police to destroy college student protests against Israel, huh?

It’s almost like Jews control America, and by proxy, all Western states.

Shutting down protests does appear to be against democracy, as its rule has been laid out, but it is also just logical that if you are a government you would shut down protesters who pose a threat to you. But in order for that logic to make sense, the government of Amsterdam has to be controlled by Jews, otherwise a protest against Israel would not be a threat to the government of Israel.

It certainly is not a valid explanation that these kids have to be silenced because it hurts the Jews’ feelings. Even if we follow with the extremist leftist logic of “feelings first,” Arabs are more victimized than the Jews and therefore it’s their feelings that should come first. Further, governments do not actually operate on that logic.

The narrative now being pushed on Fox News is that these protesters are actually terrorists. That’s real. I’m going to write up a big thing about it, collecting the quotes and the clips.

Glenn Greenwald did a thing that has a lot of the clips:

This is all over Fox News, and being spouted by the main Republicans, including that chubby slut Tulsi Gabbard.

It’s a very strange narrative. It’s obvious that no one could come up with this independently. They are all pushing it at once, together. Who knows who will buy that bullshit. It probably doesn’t really matter at this point. Fat people will believe it, and that is enough.