France: Almost 75% of People Want Vibrant Rioters Stripped of Citizenship

How could you not strip the citizenship of foreign rioters?

Why is this even controversial?

I guess it isn’t really controversial, if 73% of people support it. To be clear, that effectively means “100% of white people.”

Still, the government won’t do it, because France is a democracy, so the popular will is of zero relevance to the functioning of government.


More than seven in ten people in France are in favour of stripping citizenship for foreigners who participated in the violent riots that broke out following the death of an Algerian teenager last month.

A survey conducted by French broadcaster CNews this week found that 73 per cent of the country would support removing French citizenship from dual nationals who took part in the recent spate of racially-inspired riots accross the country.

Although young people were less inclined to support the idea, the poll demonstrated a “wide cross-generational support”, according to the broadcaster, which reported that just 34 per cent of those under 35 opposed the idea of stripping citizenship from foreign rioters, while just 29 per cent of 35-49-year-olds were against the idea and only 22 per cent for those over 50.

Conservatives and right-wing populists were the most in favour of the measure, with 91 per cent of such voters backing the idea. However, somewhat surprisingly, a majority of voters of liberal and leftist parties, 56 per cent, supported depriving citizenship of foreign rioters.

The only political factions to see a majority oppose were those who supported the far-left La France Insoumise party of socialist Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the French Green Party (Europe Écologie les Verts), with 55 per cent and 52 per cent opposing, respectively.

The riots, which saw 1,000 buildings set on fire, 5,600 vehicles destroyed, and over 3,300 people arrested, have brought the topic of immigration to the forefront of the political conversation in France, with six in then people citing “the consequence of the failures of our migration policy” as the cause for the riots.

It might be easier to just say “Arabs and black people caused the riots,” but it is really correct to say “immigration policy.”

The nonwhites were just doing what they do. It is the people who brought them into France who are responsible for the situation.

The French might go ahead and do a regime change. I don’t know how the current government can survive while defending a terrorist mob that burned down ever urban center in the country.