France: Conservative Publication Files Complaint Against Jewish Pressure Group for Trying to Bankrupt Them

The “white man” who co-founded this is, unexpectedly, a Jew

The magazine in question is the one that last month published a letter from based military officers demanding democracy be replaced with a military government to fight the Islamic invasion.


The parent company of the French weekly conservative magazine Valeurs Actuelles has announced it will be taking the far-left activist group Sleeping Giants to court.

Valmonde et Cie, who owns the magazine, has filed a complaint in the Judicial Court of Paris against the activist group, which has put pressure on advertisers to stop advertising on right-wing and conservative websites for the last several years.

“The purpose of this complaint is to denounce acts of discrimination, on the grounds of political opinions, and likely to hinder the normal exercise of an economic activity,” the company said in a letter to the Paris public prosecutor, Valeurs Actuelles reports.

This is a pretty based magazine

The magazine goes on to accuse the activist group of engaging in an “industrial sabotage campaign” and says that it has been one of Sleeping Giants’ chief targets since it began its operations in France in 2017.

Basile Ader, one of the lawyers for the magazine, stated: “This hindrance to the engagement in economic activity is all the more worrying as it is exercised by a very structured organization, deployed on a global scale, and always acting under the immunity of anonymity.”

According to the magazine, the criminal code in which they are pursuing the activist group could result in a fine of 45,000 euros and a maximum prison sentence of three years.

Sleeping Giants is a literal Jew terrorist group, which has done more damage than any Islamic terrorist group could ever hope to do.

They operate mainly in the United States, and are fixated with targeting Breitbart. Their goal is to shut down all non-Jewish speech.

Ironically, Breitbart itself contains a lot of Jewish speech, and could probably accurately be described as controlled opposition at this point. It’s chief editor is a literal communist Jew, Joel Pollak, who claims to have had a “conservative awakening” while he was living in South Africa and seeing that black communists didn’t do enough for the Jews.

The guy is literally a straightforward, unabashed Jewish activist. He uses the platform of Breitbart to manipulate Christians into supporting Jewish causes. In particular, Breitbart shills at levels over 9000 for the Jew terrorist state of Israel, which so-called “conservative Jews” claim is an ally of the United States. They do not ever explain how it is an ally, given that all it does is start wars and cause the entire world to hate the United States for supporting it. They say “it’s the only democracy in the Middle East” – but they don’t elaborate on why it is important to the United States to have an ally in the Middle East.

Anyway – in order to get White Christians to support the filthy Jew terrorist state, Breitbart has to make Christians think that Jews are their friends. Breitbart does this by being pretty good on a lot of issues. They are anti-tranny, sort of anti-black, anti-communist, sort of anti-immigration – of course, because they are Jews, they also push the “I don’t see color” and “I support LEGAL immigration” nonsense.

But this is how it works: they get you to agree with them by saying things you like, then they add their Jews stuff on top of it.

However, Jewish groups like Sleeping Giants argue that no one should be able to say anything right-wing at all, ever – even if it is just to manipulate people into supporting Israel and “legal” immigration.

What the leftists envision is total information control, where no one has any choice what they think. They will push the total anal agenda, the total open borders agenda, then just tell people they have to support Israel slaughtering Palestinians or they’ll go to prison for anti-Semitic hate speech.

I go back and forth on the topic, because I do think even the controlled opposition outlets get some important information out there. But if Sleeping Giants had its way, and anyone who says anything right-wing was as censored as the Daily Stormer, it would become very difficult for cuckservatives to continue to push their pro-Jew narrative. If everything is maximum censored, then everyone who is right-wing is effectively pushed into the far-right. The only reason Breitbart is more popular than Tranny Watch right now is that Breitbart can get advertisers, they can use a credit card processor, they can use social media.

If they get pushed down on our level, where there is an equal playing field between us and them – we win.

Jews clearly haven’t figured it out themselves. Susan Wojcicki, the brutal Jewish CEO of YouTube, has said that there is no way that Ben Shapiro can ever be banned. However, they appear to be moving in on Steven Crowder. Crowder actually came out and said something to the effect of: “if they ban me, people are just going to go further right when they go down the rabbit hole.” He basically said “I am a gatekeeper – you need me!” (I don’t have the clip on hand, I heard it on a Red Ice podcast, but this is literally what he said.)

However, Sleeping Giants and other Jewish anti-speech groups continue to pressure YouTube.

So: if they win, is it good or bad?

I don’t know, and clearly the Jews themselves don’t know – but we are reaching the point where even the gatekeepers are going to be censored. The thing is: the slope is slippery, and everyone who isn’t a gatekeeper has already been banned. They have to keep banning, as it is a crusade, so eventually they’ll have to ban the gatekeepers.