France: Cops Detain Two Directors After Actress Says She Didn’t Consent to Sex 36 Years Ago

Judith Godrèche when she was 14.

What is the point of being rich and famous if every woman you have sex with can accuse you of raping them at any time for the rest of your life, and you will literally be arrested by cops?

The Guardian:

French authorities detained leading film directors Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon on Monday for questioning over accusations of sexual abuse, sources close to the case said.

Jacques Doillon and Benoît Jacquot.

Actor and director Judith Godrèche, 52, has formally accused Jacquot of rape and Doillon of sexual assault when she was a minor, accusations both men deny. She has described Jacquot of having an unhealthy “hold” over her during a relationship that started when she was 14, and lasted from 1986 to 1992. She has accused Doillon of abuse on set when she acted in one of his films.

Jeez, man.

Can you imagine raping someone for six years?

I don’t care how hot the bitch is, I’d get worn out.

Judith Godrèche and Benoît Jacquot during the tortuous, years-long rape spree.

To be clear, she was literally living with this guy and appearing in public with him.

Lawyers for Jacquot and Doillon said it was not necessary to detain the men while they were being questioned, and stressed that they should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Jacquot’s lawyer, Julia Minkowski, said her client would “finally be able to express himself before the law”. Doillon’s attorney, Marie Dose, said no legal criteria could justify his being detained for questioning “36 years” after the incident alleged by Godrèche. The sources close to the case said their interrogation could include a confrontation with the person or persons accusing them.

This is leaning into the modern idea that there was a big problem with the age gap because of Marxist “power dynamics” theory.

But they’re also doing the Weinstein thing that there were power dynamics because he was rich.

Just how helpless are women? They lose the ability to control their own physical actions around rich older men?

If they really have that kind of weakness, should we really be claiming that they are powerful and putting them in positions of power?

Based on this theory, if there was a woman president, a man who was richer and older than her could come and force her to do things by using his power dynamics.

What if the rich older man was Russian?

He could force a woman president to play straight out of the Kremlin handbook.