France: Far-Left Leader Warns of False Flag Attacks Before the Election

Jean-Luc Melenchon, a borderline communist who occasionally says some based things

One of the major important changes of the last half-decade – the Trumpian Age – was the mainstreaming of conspiracy theories.

Not all conspiracy theories are true, hence the term “theory” – however, thinking along the lines of conspiracy is going to lead to a much better understanding of the world than a belief in the honesty of the government and various institutions of power.

It doesn’t matter if your conspiracy theories are wrong as long as you’re suspicious of everything. Just believing random things that you made up in your head is going to lead to more accuracy and predictive success than believing the media.

France 24:

France’s hard-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon was accused of reckless speech and fuelling conspiracy theories on Monday after he predicted there would be a “serious incident or murder” designed to manipulate voters ahead of next year’s presidential election.

In controversial remarks made on a political talk show, Mélenchon pointed to a pattern of violent incidents dominating headlines in the run-up to recent presidential contests.

“You’ll see, in the last weeks of the presidential campaign, we’ll have a serious incident or a murder,” the fiery head of the France Unbowed party warned, citing earlier examples.

Mélenchon referred to the killing of a police officer on the Champs-Elysées just ahead of the 2017 election and Mohamed Merah‘s terrorist killing spree – including his attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse – before the 2012 vote.

The hard-left leader also cited an attack against a retired man in his home in 2002 that stirred much public debate and was widely blamed for helping former far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen reach an unlikely presidential runoff that year.

Mélenchon, who took 19% of the ballot in the 2017 presidential race, also drew criticism for pushing the theory that President Emmanuel Macron was an invention of shadowy and powerful interests who control the country and that next year’s election had been “written in advance”.

Referring to Macron’s surprise victory four years ago, he said: “In every country of the world, they’ve invented someone like him, who comes from nowhere and who’s pushed by the oligarchy.”

This guy’s accurate statements also point to the fact that this stuff about economics is just a massive distraction.

This guy is “far left” because he believes in some communist nonsense. However, on the important things – such as the fact that we are ruled by an oligarchy that is constantly shilling us with hoaxes and conspiracies – he’s on point.

Communism is stupid, and you’d think everyone would understand that by now, but if people believe in that – whatever. That isn’t the discussion we need to be having right now. We have much bigger problems – in particular, the Jew World Order and the various corporations, banks and special interests that support it.