France: Macron Insists He Should be Able to Shut Down the Internet Whenever He Wants to

The internet is basically over.

Europe is now claiming all of these new powers, and they’re trying to force them on other countries.

They’re talking about VPNs now.

How did we get to the point where we are saying that communication is bad?

Why would you want less communication and information, unless you were evil?


French President Emmanuel Macron has continued his push for increased censorship in France, arguing that the state needs the authority to impose “digital public order” amid riots or unrest.

In his first interview following the end of his 100-day time frame to restore faith in his government, President Macron attempted to claim success by pointing to a number of legislative successes, however, the issue of the riots earlier this month following the police shooting which took the life of an Algerian-heritage teenager continue to loom over the country.

Stressing the need for “order, order, order”, Macron doubled down on his pitch for more censorship as a means of preventing further destructive riots. The French president noted that many of the anarchic youths who engaged in the rioting, looting, and burning of buildings had “met on the networks”.

The internet did this

He, therefore, called for the authority of the government to institute “digital public order” with the ability to remove content from social media in order to “better protect young people from screens through partnerships with platforms,” Le Figaro reported.

In a meeting with some 300 mayors at the Élysée Palace earlier this month, Macron had reportedly suggested that the state could “cut off social networks” when “things get carried away”. The suggestion was condemned by party leaders from across the political spectrum, with many comparing him to dictators in Communist China and North Korea.

The French government vastly expanded its surveillance capabilities this month, passing legislation allowing security services to spy on citizens through the remote activation of cameras and microphones on phones, laptops and cars.

He called for the government to “empower families and reinvest in our youth to give them a framework” other than engaging in violent rioting. Macron suggested that he will also seek to extend the hours of operation of some schools to keep kids off the streets.

Okay, so.


I think he’s probably right that the internet helped with the riots.

How could it not?

Communication is necessary for war.

But why did France bring a foreign army into their country?

Greatest strength can’t survive free speech