France: Marine Le Pen Says She’ll Put Up a Referendum on Immigration If She Wins Presidency

Marine Le Pen wouldn’t do anything if she got elected. But people should vote for her anyway, as it at least demonstrates the popular will.


Populist leader Marine Le Pen has promised to organise a national referendum on immigration as her first act as president if she wins the French elections in 2022.

The National Rally (Rassemblement National/RN) leader told French media that if she won next year’s election, her “first decision would be the organisation of a referendum on immigration”.

“It has been decades since the various governments made decisions on immigration with the French people ever being listening to or questioned on the subject,” Ms Le Pen said, according to broadcaster France Info.

“Secondly, I would go to the European Commission [the EU’s powerful unelected executive] to explain to them what I consider to be non-negotiable in the area of national sovereignty and in particular the control of our borders, because I consider border control a matter of national sovereignty,” she added.

Her third policy would be to implement major reforms to the French tax system, saying that there was an “unsustainable pressure” on the middle classes of the country.

The presidential candidate has floated the idea of a referendum on immigration before. In September of 2019, she said President Emmanuel Macron had not sufficiently addressed the issue since coming into power in 2017.

“Nicolas Sarkozy did the same thing. He had taken this debate on immigration when he was a candidate, and then we saw what happened when he came to power. I think that Emmanuel Macron will do nothing,” she said.

“These are questions to which the French have the right to answer, have the right to be questioned on, because it’s been the case for the past 30 years that an immigration policy which is contrary to their will has been carried out,” she added.

If we actually had a real “democracy,” then the Swiss-style “yes or no” vote on an issue would be a constant thing. Instead, we have this idiotic mix of the old-school “house of lords” and “house of commons” representative system that was designed for when only a fraction of the population (land-owning men) could vote, and when there was no cars or communications technology.

America has referendum style voting, but it is only on the municipal level, i.e., “vote no on issue 12.” The fact that this was written into the system shows that it was intended to be used, and people like it.

Even if we had non-binding national referendums, that would be something – just to make it clear where people stand.

Of course, it doesn’t matter anymore – because coronavirus.

You can only vote by mail, so the government just chooses the vote count.

France might be slightly more prone to watching their democratic process closely, but it’s still unlikely that at this point, if Le Pen won, she’d be allowed to take office. Right now they’re rushing things, and they don’t need this noisy bitch in there making noise in the second biggest economy (remaining) in Europe.

Also: just take note of how horrible this woman has been her entire public life, and how much she’s been able to just smooth sail off of her father’s legacy.

Her father frankly sits alongside General Franco, Captain General Pinochet, Tito, and Vladimir Putin as great leaders of the post-war West. The fact that he was blocked from power was literally a Jewish trick, but he would have changed the world had he taken power.

He gambled wrong on “it will be more feasible with a woman at the head of things.” Even if Marine wins, very little of Jean-Marie’s vision remains in the Front National platform.

It’s so sad the way women just destroy everything men build, seemingly for no real reason at all.