Freak Deer with Hairy Eyeballs Found in Tennessee – Genetic Engineering Gone Wrong?

I would feel comfortable saying that, almost as a matter of fact, this hairy eyeball syndrome is the result of some form of human-devised genetic engineering.


  1. There was a genetically engineered deer for some reason at some point that this deer is descended from, either purposefully genetically engineered or given a vaccine that genetically engineered it, or
  2. It is the result of eating some genetically engineered food that altered its DNA

It’s also possible it’s just some weird fluke of genetics.


Residents in Farragut, Tennessee were utterly bemused when they witnessed a whitetail deer nonchalantly strutting through their town. Upon closer inspection, they discovered the animal had hair growing out of its eyeballs.

As confused townsfolk tried to capture the bold buck, they couldn’t help but notice it had thick hair protruding from discs of flesh which had grown and covered over the buck’s eyeballs.

As it turns out, the condition is known as corneal dermoids and has only been documented in one other whitetail deer, also in Tennessee.

The condition is essentially the result of a benign tumor, composed of tissues that would typically occur elsewhere in the body, in this case skin complete with hair follicles forming over the cornea or clear part of the eyeball.

What are the chances of getting freak tumors in both eyes, and being otherwise healthy? Seems like pretty low chances.

Even if this is a weird fluke of genetics, it should still serve as a warning for the kinds of things we’re going to be dealing with in the future, as the elite continue to insist on altering the genetics of living things in order to “make a better world.”

We are going to end up in an absolute freakshow. I can promise you that.

Watch this TED talk from 2016.

Or this one, from 2015.

Just go and type “genetic engineering TED Talk” into YouTube. It will take you down a rabbit hole. They are genetically engineering entire new species and releasing them into the wild. They would take issue with “new species,” I’m sure, but they would have to admit that they are “genetically engineering entirely new variants of existing species and programming them to replace existing, natural versions of species.”

I wasn’t aware that they’d done this to deer, but from a quick Google search, it is clear that there are definitely huge numbers of genetically modified deer roaming North America.

Here’s a 2015 .pdf from “The Izaak Walton League of America” complaining about how genetically engineered deer are going to inevitably mix with and replace natural deer.

There are also many articles about commercial wildlife refuges (used for sport hunting) genetically engineering deer to have bigger antlers so they are more of a prize for the hunters.

In January of last year, in Alabama, there was an outbreak of whitetail deer (same species as the hair-eyed deer) having freakish growths on their bodies, according to the Sun Herald.

That was never explained and apparently never made national news.

So yes, apparently, deer are one of the main animals being genetically engineered, and I would be shocked if that hairy eye was not a direct result of this.

The genetic engineering revolution, which there are virtually no laws whatsoever regarding, is just one of those pretty interesting things that’s going on totally in plain sight while the peasants are wringing their hands over the flu, Russian Facebook ads, or the secret white supremacist conspiracy to take over America.

It is just one of many, many, many things that are happening that the entire media apparatus exists primarily to distract you from looking at.

Take a good long look at this deer’s hairy eyeball:

And realize that the Hell Train is just now arriving at the station.

You’re being herded aboard it, right now.

But the ride hasn’t officially even started yet.

You are going to witness horrors that you cannot even begin to imagine.