French Prosecutors Push Rape Charges on Director for Years-Long Rape Spree

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So, France is doing this now. They’ve gone full vagina.

And their new laws are being applied retroactively, just like in the US.

I’m getting pretty tired of lectures by the French.

The Guardian:

French prosecutors have requested film director Benoît Jacquot be charged with raping actors Isild Le Besco and Julia Roy, the Paris prosecutor’s office told AFP on Wednesday.

Jacquot, 77, was held for questioning on Monday after actor Judith Godrèche, 52, filed a complaint against him this year for allegedly raping her during a relationship of several years that started when she was 14.

Le Besco, 41, then filed a complaint over alleged rape during a relationship with Jacquot that also started when she was underage, and Roy, 34, accused him of sexual assault.

Jacquot has denied all accusations.

Prosecutors appeared not to request charges against Jacquot linked to Godrèche’s accusations for the time being. But they have asked an examining magistrate to charge him over “rape, sexual assault and violence” allegedly committed against Roy, likely between 2013 and 2018.

Benoît Jacquot and Julia Roy while he was committing sexual violence against her.

Prosecutors additionally sought charges over “rape of a minor by person with authority” and “rape by a partner” allegedly committed against Le Besco, likely between 1998 and 2000, and then in 2007.

Good job, France. You’re America now. We know you always wanted to be. And now you are. Great work.

This is actually much more extreme than the Weinstein thing, frankly.

Weinstein was physically repulsive. Jacquot was handsome. He’s nearly 80, and I can still see him going around with young bitches.

Also, what Weinstein was doing was more or less secret.

Jacquot just went around with these women in public, them always smiling and looking very proud of themselves for being with the famous artistic man.

Isild Le Besco and Benoît Jacquot. You can see the pain in her face from all of that raping.

This woman thing has to stop.

If they want to be liberated and have sex with whoever they want, they can’t then say “actually, that was rape, because I am completely powerless and unable to make my own decisions.”

Otherwise, we need a different solution.

I have a different solution.

You might like it.