Game Speedrunning Charity Bans All Harry Potter Games

Has anyone figured out why Hogwarts was more diverse in the 1800s than it was when Harry Potter was there?

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Niche Gamer:

The recently launch of Hogwarts Legacy, the latest video game based on the popular Harry Potter franchise, had been met with a lot of controversy.

The controversy behind the game is mainly due to original creator J.K Rowling’s personal politics mostly focused on transgender issues.

This hasn’t stopped the game from being a major success financially as it beat out Fallout 4’s active player count on Steam before it even officially launched. It’s all-time peak of nearly 900,000 also puts it just behind Cyberpunk 2077 as second among largest single player launches for Steam.

Hogwarts Legacy still has not shaken off the ire it has gained from some gamers, though. Popular speedrunning charity Games Done Quick has now banned it and the rest of the Harry Potter video games from being used as submissions for becoming one of the runners for their events.

Their list of disallowed games is for those that “have content, views, or an origin that [they] have deemed unsuitable for [their] stream”. This includes other titles such as the Five Nights at Freddy’s series and God of War (2005).

The absolute faggots even banned Ion Fury

In Harry Potter’s case, this is most certainly in regards to the views of J.K Rowling. Though curiously, this appears to be a recent change despite her views being well known for years at this point. This means the recent controversy behind Hogwarts Legacy likely had an impact on this change.

This isn’t the first time that Games Done Quick has made decisions due to politics. They canceled what would’ve been an in-person event for GDQ 2023 due to policies by Florida over school policies.

I’ve heard a lot of bad things about this speedrunning group.

I guess it used to be really fun, and then the trannies came in and just totally dominated it.

This new Harry Potter game actually has a tranny in it.

If only they had banned it for the right reasons…

I actually refused to buy it for that reason.

But somehow, it became the most popular game of the year (probably) with both tranny-haters and trannies against it.