Gavin McInnes has Simply Disappeared [Update – Likely Being Deported to Canada on Terror Charges]


A legal expert read this and informed me that it is possible that Gavin McInnes is being extradited, and that it wouldn’t necessarily violate official procedure for the feds not to register his movements if he is purposefully being bussed around instead of being checked in somewhere.

No one else has figured this out, but this is likely the explanation of what is going on.

Frankly, I didn’t know until today that these two things are both true:

  • Gavin McInnes never got American citizenship and was here on a green card
  • Gavin McInnes is up for some kind of terrorist charges in Canada

I also learned today that he said earlier this week that he was being followed and monitored by undercover cops.

He should have sought asylum somewhere. Frankly, I don’t understand how, after the election was stolen, all of these people just sat around.

But yes, as regards the article below – I have been informed that if they are keeping him in transit, it’s possible that he could still be in transit for significantly longer than 48 hours.

Probably, that means that the extradition explanation is the most likely. However, even if this is a loophole in procedure – keeping him in transit so they don’t have to report him – this is still NKVD style secret police behavior, and a purposeful escalation of civil tension.

I will also note that it is strange that none of his own people are talking about it, if in fact they’ve been informed. I would think he would be able to call his wife and tell her to call Anthony Cumia, Alex Jones, etc. If he is going to Canada, he’s likely going to prison forever, and it doesn’t make sense why he wouldn’t want this public.

Original article follows. 

As I wrote yesterday, Gavin McInnes, right-wing commentator and founder of the Proud Boys, was apparently arrested by federal agents during a live broadcast Thursday night.

Here’s a longer version of that video, which shows that he did tell his assistant/producer/whatever, “Ryan” to open the door and let them in:

(Note that he also says that he’s in the Bronx, i.e., an NYPD district, not the upstate home where he lives.)

The mainstream media is sort of covering it, but it is not the top news story on any site (it should be on the top of every site, given the importance put on the Proud Boys by the government/media over the last 3-4 years).

One of the most recent articles, from early this morning, was posted by LA Magazine. It’s a long article, but they say that no law enforcement has commented at all.

This is from someone who works at Censored TV, Gavin’s company:

I don’t know if that’s true, but I was able to confirm he’s an employee.

Josh Denny is also an employee, and is tweeting that he knows something, but is refusing to talk to media:

That tweet is from 12 hours ago, about a day after Gavin disappeared. Half a dozen press inquiries is ridiculous. When I used to be covered by the media and would make some goofy joke, I would get 2-3 dozen emails from the press. My inbox would just be flooded with people asking what information I have that the CEO of New Balance agrees with neo-Nazism.

Anyway, I of all people understand not talking to the press – but people are following Denny’s Twitter, following the accounts of everyone related to Gavin trying to get information – they can just post it publicly. Specifically:

  • What agency arrested him?
  • Where is he?

What the charges are is another good question, but I can understand not saying that. I can’t understand not saying who took him and where he is.

By the way, this is fake:

(Twitter is pushing that tweet at the top of searches, apparently to confuse people on purpose – it only has 36 likes, so it’s not a meritocracy.)

As of right now, 6:00 AM EST – about 36 hours after the event – there is still no record of what happened to him. This is completely unprecedented in America. If he is in federal custody, it should say that on the Bureau of Prisons website, and if he is in local custody, the local cops should be telling the media. Neither thing is happening.

This is from 20 hours ago from an antifa journalist who covers these things:

That remains true.

This is from 17 hours ago from a Wall Street Journal journalist:

Ukraine flag people all over Twitter are celebrating this.

Here’s some Jew:

That Jew might have a point, as he could be extradited to Canada. But that does not explain the refusal to say where he is.

He doesn’t even need to be extradited to Canada to face obvious charges. The RICO charges are obvious. Someone reminded me after I posted the piece yesterday that we predicted this in 2018:

I made this meme at the time, from his appearance on Joe Rogan:

I don’t agree with charging him, obviously. But I can totally understand how he would be arrested, either for RICO or because of charges in Canada. However, the fact he is not listed anywhere, and no one in the government is talking about it – this is actually shocking.

This Brandon government keeps doing things I’m not expecting. Just starting out from jump street with secret police secret arrests and disappearances doesn’t make sense to me at all.

What made sense after the Trump raid:

  • Arrest Gavin McInnes on RICO and/or various conspiracy charges, make a big public display of it
  • Start rounding up Proud Boys
  • Start rounding up Oath Keepers and people from other groups
  • Arrest Alex Jones
  • After mass arrests are normalized, start relatively slowly expanding the arrests to everyone who disagrees with the government on vaguer and vaguer charges
  • Eventually – like, 2024ish – go all out with NKVD style late night secret arrests and disappearances

That would have been my basic game plan if I was working for the blood-guzzling Jews (who by the way, murdered Our Lord Jesus).

Instead they just lead off with a disappearance?

Is It a Hoax?

People are saying this could be a “prank,” because nothing like this has ever happened before.

Ukraine flag Jews and others are saying it could be a hoax.

I was on Ethan Ralph’s show last night/this morning, and some right wing people think it could be a hoax.

I don’t think it is a hoax, but the situation is so bizarre, this is definitely a possibility.

If it is a prank, however, I am just going to state it outright: Gavin staged the prank at the behest of the fed cops.

It would actually make pretty logical sense to do a hoax where someone is disappeared by the feds and then says it’s a prank. From then on, normies who hear “so and so was disappeared by the feds” would think “oh that’s probably another prank.” That way you could start disappearing people for real and then have the media and people on Twitter with Ukraine flags say “this is like that prank from McInnes.”

That would actually be brilliant – so brilliant that I seriously doubt it could come from the same people who brought us the Afghan withdrawal, Ukraine Democracy War, and economic boondoggle.

But yes – it is possible that this is a hoax staged as a psychological operation to normalize secret police operations in the future.

As far as I’m aware, no one has ever been disappeared on American soil like this since World War II ended. I don’t think anyone other than the NYPD or the FBI could have arrested him. Technically, it could have been the ATF, I guess, or ICE if it’s related to extraditing him to Canada – but that should still be on

Everything about this is bizarre.

I will stay on this story, and update you with any new information that comes in.