Gavin McInnes Raided by Feds Live on Air, Allegedly Sitting in Jail Right Now

On Thursday night, political commentator and Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes was arrested by federal law enforcement live on air.

McInnes is seen sitting in his hosting chair – which is a very cheap, bad chair – and looks toward someone entering the studio.

“We’re shooting a show, can we do this another time?” McInnes asks. He then gets up from his chair, which was a big mistake. He should have remained at the mic. Once they break into your house, you know you’re getting arrested, so there is no point in trying to talk to them, and if he’d remained in front of the camera and mic, he could have a very sympathetic scene spammed all over the internet.

After he steps off camera, you can hear him saying he’d be happy to talk to them but he needs his lawyer. You then can’t hear much. Someone pumped up the audio from the clip, and you can sort of hear chatter, and maybe someone saying “federal investigation.”

His empty chair was then broadcasting for 30 minutes until the show ended.

At time of writing, there has been no announcements from the feds about his arrest, but a fellow broadcaster on Compound Media, Josh Denny, says he’s in jail.

A mainstream journalist claims to have contacted local police in Upstate New York where McInnes lives and he says they told him they don’t have him.

However, he’s not listed on (Bureau of Prisons website that tracks all federal inmates), so that would mean he’d have to be in a state or local facility – unless he’s somehow in limbo, which is not normal.

When I first saw this, I immediately started thinking about the prediction I’ve been making that at some point you’re just going to see an avalanche of cascading arrests of everyone who disagrees with the government. That might be the case right now – I don’t know. But, what we should remember is that McInnes has been an obvious target for a long time, and it’s a wonder he hadn’t been arrested earlier.

In February of 2017, McInnes appeared on Joe Rogan and said that he “started a gang” and that one of the gang initiation rituals was that you had to commit a crime – “the fourth degree, you get arrested or get in a serious fight for the cause,” he said.

He also talked about gang tattoos. Basically, everything said in that minute-and-a-half clip is the exact thing you don’t want to ever say unless you are purposefully trying to get yourself thrown in federal prison on RICO charges. (There are also various other gang-related federal enhancements you can get hit with for that, one of which carries 10 years.)

So, Gavin has been a sitting duck for more than five years, having made those statements on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Therefore, his arrest does not necessarily signal some kind of impending avalanche of mass arrests of people who disagree with the Democrats, because there are real, obvious things he can be charged with. That said, if there was going to be a cascade of arrests, they would start with the most obvious people first. McInnes is the single most obvious person, because of that above clip and the fact that the Proud Boys have been at the center of so much of this stuff surrounding the Justice Department’s narrative about “domestic terrorism.”

McInnes quit the Proud Boys after an October 2018 incident where he and other members of the group were attacked by Antifa in New York. Several members of the group were charged for allegedly fighting back after being attacked, and McInnes made a big show of quitting the group. After that, the group was taken over by Enrique Tarrio, who was exposed in 2021 as being a long-time FBI informant. After the Tarrio takeover, they went from being a kind of fraternal boys’ club to being a paramilitary street-fighting group. This is when “Based Stick-Man” was the face of the organization, and they were going around showing up for street fights with Antifa in Oregon and elsewhere.

I said while this was happening that it looked like the feds were allowing them to get in all of these street fights so they could build up more serious charges against them.

With Tarrio as the head, the group is obviously crawling with feds, and recently, they were accused of being involved with “ghost guns.”

That would make the situation worse, in that it would help to build the case against them, but they can basically all already be completely destroyed under RICO and various conspiracy charges related to January 6.

Arresting McInnes, who has been distanced from the group for four years, definitely implies that they are going to start mass raids against the Proud Boys, and put together some kind of large scale RICO/conspiracy case against them. Does that mean they will stop there? Presumably not.

Frankly, I’m shocked that as soon as Brandon stole the election, everyone on the right-wing didn’t just assume that mass arrests were incoming, and act accordingly. That was a coup, and a government that seizes power by coup is by definition a revolutionary government, and despite what you may have heard, revolutions are never bloodless.

People have attacked me for fear-mongering, but listen: after the election theft, any crime the US federal government wants to commit became possible. We have enough historical records about what tyrannical regimes do when they seize power to know that mass-arresting political dissidents (really, anyone who disagrees with them publicly at all – “dissident” is maybe too serious of a word) is always a part of the agenda. Revolutionary coup governments basically always either just start slaughtering people and/or send people to prison camps. You can’t find an example of a revolutionary coup government that didn’t do that. Most recently, you have the Ukrainian revolutionary coup government, which was doing mass arrests and slaughtering people in the Donbass.

Are Mass Arrests Coming?

Yes, mass arrests are coming. The only real question is “when?” Not “if.”

Conservatives keep saying that the Justice Department “didn’t expect the backlash they got” from the Mar-a-Lago raid, and I’m just like “shut up, retard – you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

What “backlash”? People saying they didn’t like that it happened? Obviously the government knew that a lot of people wouldn’t like that. But they’re not going to do anything. They’re not doing anything.

As I say, with McInnes and the Proud Boys as a whole, they’ve got a solid case. But what I expect is that they will do that, then start going down the line of people they don’t like with less and less solid cases until they’re just arresting everyone who disagrees with them.

Who knows about the timeframe. I don’t know. I’ve tried to predict timeframes before and been wrong (however, everything I predicted has happened at some point – or will). I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw cascading mass arrests before the midterms, but I’m not comfortable predicting that.

I think we’ll be able to gather something about the timeline from whether or not the Justice Department does a press conference on the McInnes raid/arrest. If they come out and at least claim to be doing things by the book, then we can assume that they’re still in the “pretending this is legitimate” phase of the process. If they just say nothing, and there is scant media coverage (there is no mainstream media coverage at time of writing), then it is more likely they are going to start a cascade of mass arrests.

It should also be noted that they chose to do the arrest during McInnes’ show. This implies, definitely, that they are sending a message of fear – “we can show up where you live at any time.” Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people are already on the no-fly list and don’t know it. Clearly, we’re seeing the storm gathering, and we have been since January 6.

Everyone is going to do what they’re going to do, and I’m not going to give anyone any specific advice. But I will say this: if you’ve been involved in the right-wing publicly at all since 2015, you should consider yourself a dead man walking, and act accordingly.

The logical thing to do, in my opinion, would be to restart the virus hoax at the same time as the mass raids, and mix together the “domestic terrorism” stuff with all of that stuff they said about how they wanted to be able to send people to virus camps. But, as I’ve said often recently: we can’t expect these people to act rationally.

Here’s one thing you can count on: things are weird, and they’re about to get a whole lot weirder.