Germany: AfD Most Popular Party with People Under 30

These people in the media and government kept claiming for years that the youth was going to be more liberal. It turns out, this is only true in America, where the youth is nonwhite.

White youth oppose this entire gay agenda.

This makes sense, because there is obviously no future for white people under this system. The boomers were able to do all of these destructive things and then they can just die with no consequences. But the whites are going to have to deal with all of these problems in very real terms in their own personal lives.

European Conservative:

Increasingly dissatisfied with the conditions under which they live—the growing prospect of war in Europe, a precipitously declining standard of living, mass migration, and a bleak future in general—a large number of Germany’s youth now view the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) as the party which best articulates their concerns.

Findings from the 2024 Jugend in Deutschland study, published days ago, have revealed that 22% of Germans aged between 14 and 29 years old would vote for the AfD if federal elections were held today, making the rightist, anti-globalist party the most favored among young people.

AfD’s favorability among young Germans has spiked sharply compared to past years, rising from 9% and 12% in 2022 and 2023, respectively, and has come at the expense of the parties in the ruling left-liberal traffic light coalition.

Support for the Greens, which in 2022 stood at 27%, has tumbled to 18%. The liberal pro-business FDP, having largely kneeled to all of the dictates from the Greens and the SPD since forming the coalition, has seen its standing among youths nose-dive even more drastically, plummeting from 19% in 2022 to a mere 8%.

Among the chief concerns for young people is not climate change, LGBTQ rights, or gender ideology, as the mainstream globalist press might have it, but rising costs and a lower standard of living due to inflation (65%), the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East (60%), and overpriced and scarce housing (54%).

Deteriorating social cohesion, the managerial state’s disproportionate concern for migrants and asylum seekers, the growing risk of an economic crisis, and the prospect of poverty in old age are also worrying vast numbers of young Germans.

Youth sentiments reflect issues raised almost exclusively by the AfD.

Over half (51%) believe “the state cares more about refugees than about Germans in need of help” and reject the notion that “taking in many refugees is good for Germany” while53% agreed with the statement: “In Germany, you can’t say anything bad about foreigners without being called a racist.”

Notably, and perhaps counterintuitively, the respondents’ personal migration background had minimal impact on their views about asylum seekers. The study shows similar levels of concern over too many refugees between Germans with and without migration backgrounds.

Yeah, that’s because the different groups of “migrants” all hate each other and want fewer of the groups they hate. Further, a lot of those “migrants” are probably whites from the former communist bloc, who are more or less integrated into Germany (and even if they’re not integrated, don’t have any interest in the country becoming browner).

We should note that Germany, while nowhere near as bad as America, does have a fair amount of brown people among the under-30s, primarily due to the policies of Angela Merkel.

It would be interesting to see a poll of only white youths.