Arizona: Old Rancher Who Allegedly Shot Invasive Immigrant Will Not be Retried After Mistrial

This was probably considered to be pretty bad optics.

It was obvious the man was simply defending his home. You can get some white women on the jury who will just convict any white man because they hate their fathers. But it looks ridiculous.


Prosecutors said Monday they will not retry an Arizona rancher whose trial in the fatal shooting of a Mexican man on his property ended last week with a deadlocked jury.

The jurors in the trial of George Alan Kelly were unable to reach a unanimous decision on a verdict after more than two days of deliberation. Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge Thomas Fink declared a mistrial on April 22.

After the mistrial, the Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office had the option to retry Kelly — or to drop the case.

“Because of the unique circumstances and challenges surrounding this case, the Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office has decided not to seek a retrial,” Deputy County Attorney Kimberly Hunley told Fink Monday.

Fink agreed to dismiss the case. He said a hearing would be scheduled later to determine if it would be dismissed with prejudice, which would mean it couldn’t be brought back to court.

Kelly’s defense attorney Brenna Larkin told the judge that she would file a request for the case to be dismissed with prejudice.

Larkin did not immediately return a request for comment sent by email after the ruling.

When a reporter from the Tucson TV station KGUN asked for Kelly’s reaction outside the courthouse, he said he felt “relief.”

“The nightmare’s over,” Kelly added, saying that the victim’s family “has my sincere sympathy.”

Unfortunately, sir, the nightmare has just begun.

Don’t worry, you won’t run out of invaders anytime soon