Germany: Berlin Spending 1.5 Million Euros a Day to House Invaders in Just 12 Buildings

Here’s some rapefugees in Berlin brawling over who gets to pay the most pensions

You know, if anyone actually cared about these browns, the last thing they’d do is bring them over to the most expensive and overcrowded cities on earth, where every single item and service costs more than almost anywhere else, and instead try to help them where they are, or as close as possible to where they are.

You could probably build a proper brick and mortar house for every official refugee (real or not) on earth with just the money Germany spent on housing them in the past couple of years.

But nobody actually cares about them.


The German capital of Berlin pays €1.5 million per day to house migrants in 12 buildings, consisting of 10 hotels and 2 migrant arrival centers, according to data released for the first time in response to a request from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) faction in the Berlin Senate.

The overall costs for housing these migrants amount to €547 million for 2023 alone. That is over half a billion in just one German city, and it does not even capture the full costs of housing migrants in Berlin, as it only covers the 12 buildings in question. These buildings include the two migrant arrival centers at Tempelhof and Tegel airports, both of which are decommissioned airports, as well as 10 hotels that are being rented by the government to house migrants.

The data was produced in response to AfD MP Gunnar Lindemann’s request. Tegel Airport is where most of the money is going, costing €1.172 million per day, and currently houses 3,408 Ukrainians and 1,333 asylum seekers, primarily from Muslim countries.

If the figures are broken down, the state is spending €7,411 per migrant in this single facility per month just on housing, operations, catering, rent, and security. However, this does not include healthcare, education, and welfare payments, known as “citizen’s money,” provided to migrants in Germany.

While the cost per migrant in the hotels is much lower, at Tempelhof Airport, it still costs over €5,000 per migrant per month.

Overall, the German government announced it expects to spend €35 billion in 2023 on migrants. Earlier this year, the AfD also obtained data from the federal government showing that 28.1 percent of the German elderly are at risk of poverty, a figure that is higher than the EU average of 27.4 percent and far greater than its Western European neighbors of France (19.1 percent), Belgium (17.4 percent), and Luxembourg (9.3 percent).

The point is to hurt white people.

As we’ve seen with plans to deport brown people who don’t support Israel, it all ultimately comes back to the Jews.

This should all be really obvious.

It’s so absurd we are even having this conversation.