Germany: Country in Shock After Invaders Increase the Crime Rate

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The number of foreign suspects soared to around 923,000 last year, representing a massive 18 percent increase in just one year nationwide, according to crime statistics from the German Interior Ministry released on Tuesday. However, the even more shocking number may have to do with violent crimes, which soared to record levels in 2023.

The data from the interior ministry shows that 41 percent of all crime suspects are foreigners, with 2.246 million people in the country suspected of a crime in 2023, which is 7.3 percent more than in 2022. Overall, foreigners only represent 15 percent of the population.

This corresponds to an increase of almost 18 percent, reports Die Welt, citing the as yet unpublished crime statistics for 2023 from the Federal Ministry of the Interior. They now account for almost 41 percent of all suspects. A total of 2.246 million people in Germany were suspected of a crime – 7.3 percent more than in 2022.

The shocking numbers have hit Germany like a thunderclap and could have a number of political implications.

The head of the German Police Union, Rainer Wendt, slammed Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) after the drastic rise in foreign crime was revealed.

“The Federal Minister of the Interior is becoming more and more like ‘Nancy in Wonderland’ when she is astonished to discover that Germany has become more violent,” Wendt told Bild. He argued that one would only be surprised with this outcome “if one has completely lost contact with the population.”

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Faeser, for her part, has labeled “right-wing extremism” the biggest threat to the country, all while allowing violent crime and rape to explode under her tenure, especially from foreign criminals.

The government is now racing to naturalize millions of foreigners in order to ensure that they are not counted under “foreign” crime but are instead counted as “Germans,” as German crime statistics list anyone who commits a crime as “German” regardless of their migration background as long as they have a German passport.

Critics like to claim that much of the “foreign crime” actually consists of immigration law violations. However, this is not the case. For one, these figures do not include violation of immigration law, which were excluded from the data. When one examines the data, foreigners are vastly overrepresented is in serious crime, especially violent crimes.

In fact, half of all violent crimes in Germany were committed by foreigners.

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In 2023, the authorities registered around 214,000 violent crimes, an increase of 8.6 percent, and several records were broken in this area. There was a record number of cases involving dangerous and grievous bodily harm, reaching 154,000 cases, a 6.8 percent increase. At the same time, “intentional simple assault” rose to an all-time high of 434,000 cases, jumping 7.4 percent.

Robberies soared higher by 17 percent to 44,857, which is also considered a violent crime.

Crime soared in other categories as well. For example, residential burglary rose to 77,819 cases, up 18.9 percent, car theft (29,985, up 17.5 percent), shoplifting (426,096, up 23.6 percent) and pickpocketing (109,314, up 11 percent).

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