Germany: Diverse Vibrant Who Enriched Two Schoolgirls with a Knife Spared Prison

He’s only known as Berhan S, which is a Turkic name

You can’t just put brown people in prison.

Not after all they’ve been through during the Crusades, and what not.

Besides: all white girls are the property of nonwhite men, and they can do with them as they please. It’s not for white people to decide what brown men do with white girls – that’s just more colonialism.


Despite 34-year-old Berhan S. breaking into the Protestant school in the multicultural Berlin neighborhood of Neukölln and stabbing two little girls, his crime will go unpunished. Instead, the courts have ruled that due to “mental illness,” he cannot be held responsible for the stabbing case, in which two 8-year-old girls nearly lost their lives after suffering multiple wounds to their necks and chests.

In the Berlin public prosecutor’s office’s “preliminary psychiatric report,” it stated that Berhan S. “was in a psychotic state at the time of the crime due to a mental illness,” which was first reported by BZ.

Remix News reported on the stabbing in May when it first occurred. The man scaled the fence of the Christian school and stabbed the two girls while they were playing table tennis as 30 children in the schoolyard looked on in horror.

Video from when it happened

BZ journalist Gunnar Schupelius criticized the manner in which the man was deemed psychologically unfit to stand trial. So far, the courts only released the information that Berhan S. stated he “heard voices ordering him to kill the girls.” However, the public has not received any other information, and the process by which the man was deemed unfit to stand trial remains opaque, while the families have been offered little in terms of closure or justice.

Berhan S. also has plenty of experience with the criminal justice system and may have had a motive to fake or embellish a psychiatric condition. He was already arrested for stabbing his ex-girlfriend in 2009, Sonja K., who barely survived the stabbing. The mother of the victim said that both she and her daughter were threatened by Berhan S.’s strict Islamic family if they went to the police with any complaints against the death threats.

Berhan S. had at least 11 criminal complaints on his record before targeting the schoolgirls, including threats, physical assault, and coercion.

Really, the violence is only a small part of what the immigrants do to our countries.

It’s the most obvious thing, and it’s extreme, because we just never had stuff like this in white countries before these brown people showed up.

But the left is actually right when they say “most of them aren’t stabbing people.”

The bigger issue is that they are destroying our culture, destroying the race, displacing us in our homelands, stealing our resources, and so on and on. You know the thing.

But the violence is so obvious, and it is indicative of the larger issue of mass destruction being caused by this Jewish racial transformation agenda.

Looks like common sense gun control is working. Now let’s get some common sense knife control.